Quit all. Tired of life, people

Last year, our neighbor, takes quite a fat post, she quit her job, has handed over his beautiful two-bedroom apartment of a successful young family and went to live in the cottage. Forever.

Before retirement she was still years 15-20.

Surrounding perplexed and twisted his finger to his temple. Quit this job? This apartment? Exchanged all the wooden hut with lilac at the window overlooking the marsh? This not normal. Yes, everyone dreams to achieve such success!
And it is absolutely happy.

And the rest of your life is going to hold on to a small wooden terrace, reading a book, landing on a dedicated kitchen garden square meter parsley and preparing children borscht.

Of course, I'm exaggerating a little.

It is somewhere writing something. Somewhere I read some lectures. Something to do and something to earn. But it's so small and tiring compared to her past life that is not worth even mentioning.

Every year, these people are more and more.

Of course, not all throw everything and go into the wilderness. But life changed significantly. For example, from the doctors to go freelance photographer, from accountants - to journalists.

Please note: why every year it becomes more and more freelancers? Yes, in this age of the Internet and high-tech is no need to be tied to specific jobs and rigid schedule from nine to six. But there is another.

There are people tired of life.

Too aggressively trying to impose on us a success. Success. You can give a clear definition of this word?

Kindergarten man loaded to the eyeballs. Endless obyazalovke. Early rises. Semolina. Quiet time. Sit quietly. Mugs. Saturday. Early rises. English and drawing. School. Early rises. Lessons. Hometasks. Examinations. Again exams. Institute. Early rises. Lectures. Examinations. Job. Early rises. Meeting. Reports. Planning meetings. Rush jobs.

Retired night's sleep. Bring first.

Beysya head against the wall. Be successful. "High-performance people." Have you heard? Do not be lazy, do not pain, fulfilled - to die. Excellent rabotnichek. The dream of every manager. Do not catch a cold, do not get tired, does not go on vacation and on the children's matinees, working overtime and on weekends. He wants to be a highly effective and successful. It is necessary. Similarly, it is necessary?

Throughout the years of learning are desperately frightened and threatened. Learn, and not anything you would not. Learn, and not except in the wipers will not take. Learn, and not ...

Standard set. Two higher education. A successful marriage. Prestigious job. The apartment, car and caravan. Sea a couple of times a year. Paris wedding anniversary. Children at school. Twenty-boots, thirty bags. For the season. All of the people. Similarly, it is necessary?

Someone once decided that it is here it's all there, and success. Are you sure that in this it is measured? And whether it is necessary at all?
Success. In fact, it is one of the biggest swindles of our lives.

All of this does not matter.

Understand this very simple truth, as a rule, deeply tired of living people for whom the first place there is peace of mind. Opportunity will not run. Not to prove anything to anyone. To live and not to survive.

There are people who run, run, then dropped and realized that he no longer can. Especially when it comes to a new generation of young people who have had twenty years of age to attend the major leadership positions, pulling to disproportionate burden of care and responsibility. They've all seen, all are able and want nothing else but peace. A sort of early old age.

Then they suddenly begin to see life in a different light. Most often this occurs against the backdrop of severe fatigue and severe stress. Lying in the hospital, you can understand much.

Tired people gradually change everything and change themselves. They learn to live again, fully adjusting for themselves the circumstances, to fit your needs, desires and biological clock. Fully controlling his life, not trusting her mood and decisions of employers. They paint in watercolor and read a lot. Cook soup and bake pies. Walk in the park and play with children in the ball. Just breathe air. Understand that one bag, it turns out, is quite enough.
Learn to live here and now, feeling every minute.

That is why quite a long time there were such a thing as society, and downshifting to combat excessive consumption, have become so popular freelancing and wintering in the Indian huts.


From childhood frightened. And now it seems that the good outdoors waving a broom.

In any case, this work seems to me attractive editorial positions in the monthly magazine of more than a hundred pages. When there is no time to eat and drink a cup of coffee. When at ten o'clock suddenly I remember that lunch would like to go to the toilet. When eleven o'clock calls the advertiser and asks urgently alter the layout. And at nine in the morning magazine should already be in the printing ... And then comes down the dark stairs because the elevators in the building for a long time not working. And do not call a taxi and go a couple of stops on foot to recover myself. And think about that in the morning it is necessary to finish the article, and eight have to be amended. And at home a hungry child and his unfinished work. A twelve-thirty the night suddenly awakened author calls and requests to make changes to the text. And in the morning again, this whirlwind. And half an hour before delivery to the printer head and say will alter all to hell. How? He does not care. Come the weekend.

There are people who really get away from it all fun. Until the end of life is not tired from the crazy rhythm. And at the same time can feel life in all its manifestations. So that's great. We can not all be superuspeshnymi. It may not all hold prestigious positions and manage superuspeshnymi companies. Someone has fallen leaves and revenge.

Tired of life, people and the people chasing success, will never understand each other. Clearly, to each his own. But if you feel that you can no longer do not be afraid to change everything. Do not take life too seriously. It's too short for that.

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