15 things that we hesitate to tell parents

There are many words that we would like to say to their parents, but for some reason it is very difficult to say them. As long as we do not become mothers and fathers, we can be difficult to understand, through which they pass the test, worrying about every step and enjoy every achievement.

I think about you every denDazhe when I'm really busy, I still think about you. My heart will always feel in touch with your souls.

I am proud that I am your rebenokNesmotrya the fact that I did not have to ask for it or deserve it, you raised me under his roof. You provided me with everything necessary for me to become an adult independent person.

I appreciate everything you've done for menyaSuschestvuet infinite number of little things that go unnoticed, and for which I have never thanked. But this appreciation lives in my heart, because I can not imagine how I had lived in this world without you.

I know Bob know that you are not perfect, you people. I understand that we all go through some tests, and none of them is protected. And even though these tests, you gave me life and gave the support that I needed to withstand the tests in my own life.

I am forever on skuchayuYa you live far away from you, trying to build a career and build my own family. But even being away, I miss you. Perhaps I ought to be closer to you, but I do know: you've always wanted, so I tried to realize their dreams. So I'll try my best.

Thanks to you, I get luchsheYa not disappoint yourself and others; I was able to be a generous and strong man. Thanks to you, my soul is a fire of compassion and warmth.

I love you more than they can express slovaLyubov much better expressed in actions than in words. But in my heart so much love for you that if I wanted to talk about it, it would be gone forever.

What you had to sacrifice for me, always speaks in my serdtseUmenie to put children first, sacrificing their own interests, not given to everyone. But you have made for this effort. And your decisions were not based on selfishness, but on the fact that it would be better for us.

Fear of losing your pursues menyaMne need to accept the fact that you will be in my life forever. Someday I'll be a man who has no parents, and it frightens me terribly. When you will not, I know that I will need to continue their journey. But I do not know how I handle it.

ZhalYa I made many mistakes, and these mistakes have given me the opportunity to learn something new. I apologize for our mistakes and for the harm that I may have inadvertently caused. I know that often behaved like a spoiled selfish.

You will always be my best druzyamiVas can not be replaced. You will always be those with whom I want to share special moments of my life.

You are my greatest geroiMoi parents gave me so many happy memories that I will always think of them as my main characters! My parents not only gave me life - they were there at every sharp turn and on every perilous trampoline.

My children will be an important part of your zhizniMoi children will never be far from you. They will be happy to spend happy moments with you.

I could never say goodbye to vamiVy will always be in my heart. I will always cherish the memories about you. Because, even if you will not, you will still always be with me.

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