10 sites for those who have a bicycle

Bicycle like a dynamo, but instead of light bulbs by pedaling cyclist samopodzaryazhaetsya - muscles nice work, a contented smile on his face, and the surrounding people and things for him to become brighter and kinder.

Website has collected 10 sites, which have the necessary information for anyone who loves to ride a bike. Or just going to buy it.

Bike - this prosto

Biking - it's easy: the villages and drove off. But still worth reading a few articles about how to shift gears, which need cycling gloves, how to go against the wind, why can too often punctured wheel and what to do.

By kochkam

This site is completely dedicated to mountain biking, the most popular in our road conditions. There are all - the choice of the bike to the comics-obsessed cyclists.


On Velodepo can be found not only advice on the choice of bikes, accessories and clothing, but also articles about how to properly care for these cheerful mechanism to make it work longer and better. There are also materials about the simplest repair and adjustment, because of which there is no sense to go to a service center.

Russian cycling entsiklopediya

On VeloWiki collected materials on a lot of questions related to the cycle of life. A particularly interesting section on the transport of bicycles on a plane, train and train. If you are thinking in a different town and decide to take along your favorite bike, very useful. It is also very detailed section about the structure of the bike.

Velo Sreda

On the site you can find articles about how to ride a bike, depending on the purpose of cycling, what to do when dealing with dogs, how to choose the most suitable for your bicycle.


It sometimes happens is that the bike was stolen. Hide will not, the chances of finding it too small, but just in case you can leave the Old about the hijacking site Velorozysk or Lostbike. Sometimes lucky.


When planning pokatushki, it is always to think in advance the route, even if it takes place within the city. On Bikemap you can plan trips and even get a transcript of the height difference on the selected road. If you own ideas seem boring, you can see existing routes that are laid by other users.


This application will help after a walk to see detailed information on the work the way: the distance, the time, the number of calories your body left, and much more.

Forum Vinskogo

The forum has a separate travel section, which contains reports on a cycling trip in different countries. You can read, be inspired or learn useful information if you are already ripe for such a "feat".

Rules of the Road Dvizheniya

This is for the man on the bike, perhaps the most important site. There are, of course, extracts from SDA specifically for cyclists, but all the same it is desirable to know the rules in full. It's a matter of your own safety.

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