Bike with trunk

As a rule, if you want to create a cargo bike designed to carry a certain amount of baggage, designers are turning to the elongation or extension of the trunk above the rear wheel or come up with a variety basket of unusual shapes and unusual materials that can be hung on the steering wheel. But the designer E-hwan Kim (Yo-Hwan Kim) decided to go a radically different way and have built storage in the rear wheel.

This bike is called Cycle Smart City (Smart city bike) takes into account not only the fact that you might have to take a trip things, but the convenience and ease of such travel while providing maximum stability of your vehicle. In a special compartment to store your belongings can easily fit as foods, and soft toys for your child. This compartment can be easily attached to the rear wheel and in the absence of the need to detach.

Thus, on the one hand, this bike is the perfect performs the role of a cargo, on the other hand, is a modular Bicycle that is suitable for your normal daily commute. In addition to repository functions, this auxiliary box can be useful as a stabilizer that provides great stability, cyclists-newcomers who are not confident in your ability, and just people with health problems that prevent them from driving a conventional bike. This exciting concept even became the prize-winner of the international forum for Talented development (iF Design Talents) in the current year, however, the main issue that can touch all potential users of this bike – as guaranteed static storage inside the wheel (to products yet on the road turned into a salad) – so far the answer is unknown.

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