20 things that can save your marriage

psychologist and consultant Gerald Rogers (Gerald Rogers) wrote this article during a severe divorce. "After I lost the woman he loved, and 16 years of marriage have gone nowhere, these are the words that I would then hear».

< Website I translate them for you. Perhaps one day they will save your marriage.

Do not stop to take care of a woman. Do not take it for granted. When you make her an offer, you promised to be the person who will be desperate to protect her heart. This is the most important and sacred treasure that you've ever trusted. She chose you. Never forget that and remember that love does not tolerate laziness. Take care of your heart. Do you promise to protect your beloved with the same vigilance to protect your own world. Love yourself entirely, love the world is open, but there is a special place in your heart where no one should be allowed, except your wife. Let this space will always be ready to accept it. fall in love again, and again, and again. Everything is constantly changing in this world. You are not the same as they were when first married, and in five years it will be different. And change your perception of each other. But remember one thing: it is not required to stay with you. If you do not take care of her heart, she is free to give it to someone else, and then you will not return it back. Again and again conquer it. Each time as the first. Try to see the best. Focus on what you love to his woman. Something on which we focus, tends to rise. If you are fixated on the error, you will see them everywhere. If you move the focus to what you like, then after a while you realize that married the most beautiful woman in the world. Do not try to change it. - Your task is to love a woman as it is, without hopes and expectations. And if it is still changing, still love her, no matter whether you like it or not. Take responsibility for your own emotions. Your wife is not obliged to make you happy, just as it can not make you unhappy. You are responsible for its positive attitude, and then this same joy penetrate into your relationship. If you are upset or angry, never blame his wife. This is what is happening inside you, it is your emotions and your responsibility. Let your women just to be. When a woman is upset, do not try to fix it. Your job - just hug and let her know that it's okay. Let her know that you hear it, it means a lot to you and that you are the one to whom she can always rely on. Women's nature is changeable and rapid emotions, like a storm, amplified, and then subside. And if this storm you remain steadfast and strong, she can trust you. Do not be afraid to look stupid. Do not take yourself too seriously. Laugh. And makes his wife laugh. Laughter softens any situation. Make her feel like a queen. Learn various languages ​​of love together. Ask her to make a list of 10 things that will help her feel loved and cherished. Be here and now. Give your woman is not only time but also your attention and your soul. Do everything possible to remove all the excess out of my head, to be with her 100%. Treat her as a most valued customer. Be prepared to accept its lo * sualnost. Allow it to dissolve in her feminine nature. Let her know that you can trust completely. Do not be an idiot. Do not be afraid to seem so. We are all human beings, all of us are fallible, and your woman too. Wrong, but just learn from your mistakes. Give women their space. dedication of women to be envied. But sometimes they need to be reminded that taking care of yourself - it's too bad. Sometimes they need to fly away from your branches in search of what can give them strength. And if you give them this freedom, they will return to sing you my new songs. Be vulnerable. Be ready to share their fears and feelings and be willing to admit their mistakes. Be open. Full to grow and develop together. In the stagnant pond emerging malaria and rapid flow is always fresh and cool. When your muscles stop working, they atrophy. The same thing happens with the relationship. Find common goals, dreams and move along in their direction. Do not focus on the money. money - it's a game. Arrange everything so that it was a team game, and you do not have to fight with each other. Then everyone would be a winner. Learn to forgive. Focus on the future, not the past. Do not let your stories keep you hostage. Past mistakes, no matter whose - your or your woman - like a heavy anchor that will be an obstacle to any progress. Forgiveness is - is freedom. Always choose love. Always choose love. Always choose love. In the end, it's the only advice that you really need. If love - is the guiding principle on which to build whatever your decision, then nothing will threaten your marriage. Love always wins. Author: Gerald Rogers
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