10 films that change you

These films reveal to us the world in a new way. Through the smallest details of everyday life and show the incredible worlds created by human imagination. All of them do not just entertain the spectacular image, but tell us something very important.

Website gathered 10 films that look breathlessly.

Philomena Philomena, 2013

Emotional movie with a touch of drama and comedy. The plot is based on real events, and starring a wonderful actress Judi Dench UK. The main character - a woman who has lived a long life and not for a day to forget about her son, whom she was separated in youth. Enlisting the help of a journalist, she goes in search.

Anonymous romantikiLes émotifs anonymes, 2010

Very, very modest confectioner and his new employee for each other. They're both crazy about chocolate, music and romantic evenings in Paris under the spreading chestnut trees. The only problem - because of his modesty can not take a step towards each other. Discovering such a movie, you keep it in memory, and you share it with your loved ones as a kind of an important secret, and then wait will not wait, so they watched it, too, and with burning eyes say yes, this is it.

MamochkaMommy 2014

Xavier Dolan took a new picture of the difficult relationship between a mother and teenage son. She is determined to start a new life, taking it out of the shelter, and he puberty and ingrained in the psyche of sociopathy. It's very difficult, but at some point in between there is a "buffer" - a quiet neighbor faltering.

500 Days of Summer (500) Days of Summer, 2009

Lovely cozy movie where the two fall in love and they are completely different people. It is realistic and does not believe in eternal love, and he - a romantic and makes that up with beautiful words for the cards, believes in eternal love, and love at first sight. On this basis, somehow not got on their relationship.

White BogFehér isten, 2014

A sad film about betrayal. Nobody needs girl and her only friend-dog move to live in someone else's house. The house that the dog does not need more than anyone, and he is sent to a dog shelter. So begins the story of an abandoned dog, the story of her survival and change. Change character, habits, even appearance.

PoeziyaShi 2010

The eccentric and curious Midge day falls on courses that teach poetry. It opens up a whole new world - a world of beauty in the everyday environment. Excellent film South Korean director Lee Chang-Don.

Where lead mechtyWhat Dreams May Come, 1998

Incredibly beautiful, sensual film about how a loving person remains faithful even after death. In search of his beloved, he goes on a long journey into a real hell.

Geographer Globe propil

A screen adaptation of the book by Alexei Ivanov. From hopelessness and lack of money biologist Sluzhkin arranged to school geography teacher. A teacher from a so-so. Trying to get along with students and director of studies, to establish peace in the family and with friends drinking wine, he just lives.

Swedish history lyubviEn kärlekshistoria, 1970

This is a film about teenagers. About the time when you are no longer a small child, but the adult world with all its everyday problems and cares for you is still closed. But it opens the world's first love. The one that is remembered forever, the most sincere and light, which transcend all conventions.

History ElliDarbareye Elly, 2009

The film is Iranian director Asghar Farhadi has collected a bunch of rave reviews from critics around the world. The picture starts very easily and naturally with the arrival on the weekend to the sea a few families with children. With them goes to Ellie, I was invited to introduce Ahmad. She behaves very awkward, at times it seems obviously something of concern, and straight hints of new friends she obviously does not like.

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