15 animals for which the audacity - the second happiness

Website is convinced that these animals do not disappear, no matter what happens. After all, they believe they are doing everything right, know what they want and do not depart from her under any circumstances.

Come on, I'm easy!

Who had time, and he ate.

You work, and I should be at the pond.

No, not tormented conscience.

Please catch up.

Personal space? No, not heard.

N - equanimity.

Do you like to ride? And who does not love!

Well, what if it is bad. My fault.

Because you have to have, not a video shoot.

Nothing, be patient.

For nothing in the wrong boxes sit.

No, I could not go anywhere else.

And it can not be quickly?

Mmm, my favorite ...

Just think, two hairs ... What are all gentle!

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