20 photos of how amazing our world

Website does not cease to be amazed how many unusual and delicious conceals our world! Even if you have already seen a lot in his lifetime, in this collection there are pictures that will impress on you.

Aerogel - a material 99, 9% consists of air.

Cheetah wanted to knock flying past quadrocopter.

One of the subway stations in Stockholm.

The building project in the form of a fingerprint, Thailand.

Villas on the roof of the eight shopping center, Zhuzhou, China.

White background, black nails and thread that never interrupted.

Project underwater Stadium in Dubai.

Little black rhino and its protection. Armed soldiers the charge of all black rhinos to protect them from poachers. Animals perceive soldiers as family members.

The director of the Belgrade Zoo persuades escaped chimpanzee named themselves back to the zoo in 1988

Predjama Castle cave in Slovenia.

Trains with coal, Virginia, USA.

Cloud Gate, China.

Huge water park under the dome, Germany.

The door through which you can survive a 30-megaton nuclear explosion.

Very cool radio-controlled machine.

Vajont Dam, Italy. Height - 261, 6 m.

The most peaceful place on earth - anechoic chamber (BEC). Areas where you can go crazy: in them you will hear how the blood flows through the veins inside the head.

Machine-gun bunker from World War II, France.

Cub dik-dik.

Night New York is similar to the electronic board.

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