Imagine that you will never find her only

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What if right now you looked into the crystal ball to predict the future, and would see with undeniable clarity that you will never meet the love of your life?

What I ask you to imagine, very sad, I know that. All this time you were hoping to find "only" or "single" - or at least someone who will suit you at least half, and with whom you will be dealing lifetime. I know I know. You're not so naive as the others. You do not believe in soul mates. But you can still expect to find someone who is more than you like it. With whom you can curl up next to at the end of a long day. Who will take care of you when you get sick, and who every evening after work to listen to your stories. We all hope so. We are all human beings.

In search of love, there is one special feature - it affects us constantly. Love is at the forefront of our actions, even if in my mind, everything is different. Love - this is the reason why you bought those new jeans last week. This is the reason why you went to a barbecue to friends, but not really like that. This is the reason for your fear and uncertainty about the future. But as love - that's what inspires us to great change.

So, if you knew with unquestionable certainty that love will never be on your doorstep, as if you looked at your life? Would change something in my daily life? What about long-term plans?

Your first reaction would be in the spirit of: "Well, nothing." In the end, you're a smart man. Do you have plans that do not depend on someone else influence. We all think so. But allow yourself to think for a few moments. Because here's the thing about love what we do not want to admit: this is a crutch that we use constantly. The idea that someday someone will love all of our shortcomings - a thin excuse not to work on them. The principle of the two halves that make up the whole, prevents we are getting better half.

If you knew that love would never be an option for you, how would you rebuilt the rest of your life? Would focus on career and success? Or go to investment in itself - would be more likely to go on vacation, would go out of your comfort zone?

I ask these questions because it is inclined to believe that the prospect does not find the love of life would be a turning point for us. The realization that we originally considered destructive, can ultimately deliver us. Without fear of dying alone in front of us we open up unprecedented opportunities. We can try to live on every continent. We can make a spectacular career. We could go back to university and get a degree, you have always wanted without having to worry about the financial burden that may lie on someone's shoulders. Love keeps us here is so subtle ways, and we do not even understand. And the key to its absence can be a feeling of absolute freedom.

Because in a situation where we do not need to look for our true love, we finally realize that we have the right to love yourself. What can we live, developing yourself, challenging yourself, pampering yourself and elevating himself, as if the building to become even more capable. And then in ourselves we will find what we were looking for in others.

There is one thing we should all stop doing - is to wait for someone to come and change our lives. Just be the person you've been waiting. Live each day as if you are in love with him. Because the one thing you know for sure - every triumph, every failure, every fear and every win will pass you and nobody else. You're the one who takes all your awards. You are your own stretch hand when falling. You're the one who scrapes himself off the floor every time you leave the force.

We must begin to appreciate all that we bring into our own lives. Because the irony is that we are the most attractive in those moments when not even think about it. When we go through life safely, freely and without restrictions, we reject that kind of energy, which is simply impossible to compare with anything and can not be imitated. This energy is able to change not only our lives but also the lives of people around.

Therefore it is better to stop looking for one or one with whom to spend the rest of life is convenient. Be yourself so only.

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