10 criminals most paradoxical and strange facts about their crimes

Criminals from that list - not just criminals but even with the imagination! Their offense differ savvy, and some even look zabavnymi.Sayt assembled collection of stories about the paradoxes in the world of criminality.

1. Suicidal ubiytsyRasprostranenie Lutheranism in the Nordic countries, especially in Denmark, led to the emergence of so-called «suicidal killers» Wishes to reduce their own lives, but the prospect scared to hell chose another way: they were killing a random victim and surrendered to the authorities, awaiting the death penalty.

And if the culprit before his execution sincerely repented of his sins, he is, according to Lutheran doctrine, I had to go to heaven

2. UnizilV ancient Rome to punish the offender could fight in the Coliseum with a wild animal, such as a lion. That is the fate in store emperor of Gaul merchant who sold his wife monarch fake jewelry. And when the merchant was standing in the arena of cells instead of chicken lion came calling fun everyone. Gallen announced: "He deceived and was deceived himself," and then let the home dealer.

3. Sleight of hand and no fraud! David Copperfield once using sleight of hand has deceived these robbers. In 2006, he and two assistants walked down the street after the show, when a teen to stop the car ran in arms and ordered to put all valuables. Assistant obeyed, giving money, phones and passports, Copperfield but did not do so, although he had with him all of the above The robbers saw only his empty pockets twisted and disappeared, and were soon caught by police.

4. Ce * s at Lunev 2002 student astrophysicist Ted Roberts was an intern at NASA, along with his girlfriend and two other accomplices stole a safe with lunar soil and rocks from all the expeditions of the "Apollo". After robbing the young people settled in the hotel, where Ted with his beloved stones laid on the bed and chat to them do Som lo * When they tried to sell the stones over the Internet to one collector, who contacted the FBI and eventually the kidnappers were arrested and convicted.

5. Foul otelSeriyny killer Henry Howard Holmes at the end of the 19th century built a hotel in Chicago with a variety of traps. During construction, Holmes changed several contractors, so only he knew the real plan of the building. His victims were both employees of the hotel, which were accepted with the condition of life insurance, as well as guests, and the bodies of those killed Holmes usually dissected model skeletons and sold to various institutions. In the arsenal of the maniac were soundproof rooms, rooms with gas, acid tanks, rack and bottles of poison.

At the trial, the previous death of Holmes, he confessed to 27 murders, although some researchers estimate the number of victims in 200 or more people.

6. The right to svoboduV Germany, the act of escape can not be penalized, as early as 1880 the Court held that it justifies the quest for freedom - one of the main instincts of man. However, the fugitives caught in most cases waiting an additional penalty on related items: damage to property (eg, sawing grids), theft (because it carries on itself a fugitive prison clothes), violence (if in the process of escaping prisoner attacked the guards), or bribery.

7. Certificate prizrakaV 1897 American Zone Hister was found dead in his home, where she lived with her husband Edward Shu. Four weeks after the funeral of his mother Zone supposedly was the ghost of her daughter and said that her death is guilty of the man who strangled her, breaking her neck. Mother persuaded the police to make the exhumation of the body and an autopsy showed that the Zone really broken neck and throat are present fingerprints, so that Shu was arrested. During the trial, the mother Zone confident enough to testify that the judge did not find ways to convince the jury to make a decision based on the words of ghosts, and the result is Shu landed in jail.

8. Fair sdelkaV 1993 Austrian bank employee Otto Newman organized the robbery of his shift, which resulted in the bank were issued in the amount of money equivalent to the current 167 thousand euros, as well as gold bars and coins. The crime has been solved, all the loot returned, and Newman spent three and a half years in prison.

In 2012, it became clear that the bank is not claimed for the stolen amount, which was kept in the Ministry of Justice, as it has received the insurance did not pay for it and the insurance company, which was transferred to the gold. As a result, the court decided to transfer the money Newman, who was very surprised such a solution, but did not give up.

9. Make etoAmerikanets Gary Gilmore committed several robberies and murders and was sentenced to death in 1977. Before his execution, he was granted the right to the last word, and Gilmore said: «Let's Do It» («Just do it"). Later, this phrase was inspired by Nike's famous slogan to create «Just Do It».

10. Continuous manyachkaNachinaya since 1993 in Germany, Austria and France was committed 40 crimes, including six murders, after which at the scene or on the victim's body was found a DNA sample of women. Alleged killer became known as «The Phantom of the Heilbron» The police could not find any clues, and the crimes had nothing in common - very different victim, place accomplices. In 2009 alone, it was found that the relationship between all of these cases do not. It was found that DNA samples were taken with a cotton swab that were originally contaminated by the DNA of a packer at the Austrian factory.

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