What should go through all expectant mothers ... 10 fascinating facts about pregnancy.

Pregnancy is rightly considered miraculous and even mysterious period in life of every woman. The great mystery of nature - the emergence of human life - is the pinnacle of creation, which does not cease to admire its perfection and scientists, and poets, and people far from science and the arts.

Unravel the secrets of pregnancy have tried at all times. And let a lot of things surprising is known about the process of carrying a child, a lot of unusual facts we have yet to learn. Just some of them are happy to share revision . B>

1. The longest pregnancy in the world lasted a little more than a year, namely 375 days. This turned out to be completely healthy newborn. And the short term of pregnancy - 22 weeks and 6 days. The baby was born healthy, but was long with a ballpoint pen. B>

2. In the womb the baby is crying, laughing and even dancing. So often include good music to the baby was at that dance. B>

3. At the end of the first month of embryonic development, the embryo appears ponytail, which will disappear in the eighth week. More precisely, it is about "extra" vertebrae. Just embryos in the initial period in which they are really more than that of adults. B>

4. Many expectant mothers find that they have changed the shape of the foot. Most pregnant women have to buy shoes 1-2 sizes larger. B>

5. And the heart is slightly increased in pregnant women. B>

6. One of the 2000 children born with at least one tooth. B>

7. The amniotic fluid contains as much salt as the waters of the ocean. B>

8. Most often twins are born in Central Africa. B>

9. There is a sympathetic pregnancy (couvade syndrome) - a condition in which a pregnant woman close to the people (most often - a partner) is going through the same thing she did. So that men can also suffer from abdominal pain, changes in appetite, weight gain, and mood during pregnancy of his beloved. B>

10. That's changing the face of the embryo in the womb. B>

About sympathetic pregnancy, I did not even know. God forbid me to experience it for yourself! If you learned something new about the most interesting period in the life of any woman, will share facts c friends. I think it would be interesting to know.

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