MAGIC 9 MONTHS ... (Part 1)

HOW TO TODAY children's theme pulled.

For many centuries, the normal communication with the pregnant woman are forbidden. It is often taken away to a distant hut, where she waited in complete isolation of the birth of the child. What was less civilized society, the intolerant it refers to pregnant women considering woman expecting a child, unclean.
A significant contribution to the emancipation of expectant mothers have the alchemists, and earned a reputation than shameless. They are actively interested in the process of formation of the child in the womb, and wrote a lot of treatises on the subject, do not overlook the mascots for expectant mothers and even the color of the clothes is preferable to wear a certain month of pregnancy.

Tips alchemists will be especially useful for those who have no conditions to the pregnancy took place in peaceful, serene atmosphere. However, our life is full of surprises, including the sad and unpleasant, so that observations of sages should be borne in mind and the lucky girl whose relatives can create them in the first nine months of the heavenly atmosphere.

Month Saturn
Alchemists found that in the first month of pregnancy on a woman and her unborn child dominion Saturn. The conclusion that they did: wisdom, or rather, a tendency to its development formed at this time.
The first month of pregnancy requires the mother to sanity, peace and harmony - otherwise the child will not mind shine. Mascots of the first month of pregnancy should be: amethyst, elephant and bear figurines.
Mascots are needed to fly on Saturday - the day of Saturn. Clothes during this period is best to wear black, because this color block external impact and vibration, which could adversely affect the future mother.

Month Jupiter
The second month of growth of the embryo in the mother's body ruled by Jupiter - the planet of luck and good fortune. It gives the creature emerging ability to please people, to benefit from any situation, as well as leadership qualities.
An important aspect of its impact - physical and mental strength. If the mother of the second month of pregnancy experienced a lot of stress, the child will be a weak and with an inferiority complex.
Alchemists believed that the mascot for the second month of pregnancy will certainly need to buy on Thursday. Ideally, if it's signet ring in the form of an eagle, but as such it is difficult to find, you can do just a picture (for example, a photo on the calendar), representing this proud bird - a symbol of Jupiter. The clothes should prevail blue.

Month Mars
Third month ruled by Mars - it forms instincts, passions and emotions. Stresses the third month of pregnancy cause the child for life remains aggressive, rude and stubborn. They say, with a heavy character.
Mascot for the third month of pregnancy need to buy only on Tuesday. This must be some kind of decoration of iron or steel figure of a horse or a bull. The clothes should prevail red.


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