There are women in the Austrian selenium

Most of us are familiar with the line "There are women in Russian villages" and so on through the text.
Of course, they are, and even in abundance, that does not negate their presence in other cities and countries. In our particular case, the presence in the South Austrian town of Sankt Egyden am Steinfeld about 50 kilometers south of Vienna.
Himself came to the bank for their pension for a modest 82-year-old lady. And, to his misfortune, he decided at the same time to visit the bank a citizen, but perfectly with other intentions. And since the intention he had the most that neither is a crime, then he was equipped accordingly. That is, he was wearing a mask with a gun and with an improvised explosive device. Naive. If he knew ...
In general, high-spirited for his age woman robber attacked when he already had on hand and cash with a cry of "Who are you? Lola Versus "has managed to impose his fight (!), In which the unfortunate sequence of Bonnie and Clyde lost money, masks and had to shamefully run. Once again, for a moment Hertha Valliker (the name pesionerku) '82! Well, caught a man on the same day as it after losing his mask safely lit Face on surveillance cameras.
But more interesting - What made respectable lady on such active measures?
It turns out that it withdrew itself from the fact that the failed robber tried to snitch someone honestly earned money long labor.
That's the way of the Lord. Zhvanetskiy rights "do not chip a woman." And it globally. For how will she react when her something to hold on - so now she herself does not know.


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