Male view: 7 things, which is not enough for most women.

Somehow it turns out that I always want to protect the female sex. I fundamentally disagree with the statement that all women - bitches, etc. For example, in my family, all the women are independent and wealthy, its work like, give it up do not want to, even in retirement. Perhaps that is why I used to think that women belong just to the category of women in Russian villages, about which he wrote a classic. Like, all have something to do, have some hobbies and lead rich lifestyles. Moreover, it must be full of far from shopping and empty gossip, but something useful for myself and for my family.

Alas, the evidence suggests that such women are much less than the "natural blondes" and notorious women's conversation, which can sometimes be accidentally or intentionally overhear in public areas, sometimes causing laughter, and sometimes irritation. I do not believe and do not want to believe in some kind of innate female qualities (as well as men).

Women do themselves such what want to be. The image of the blonde too convenient and safe to come out of it, and to be truly great and strong woman, to afford to constantly develop and improve.

I have prepared a list of seven things that, in my opinion, not enough women. If you collect them all in one, you get a perfect representative of the fairer sex. But I think that for an ordinary man's happiness is enough, if his choice has at least half of these advantages.

1. Most women do not have enough enthusiasm.

I'm not talking about that passion with which they are in a hurry to jump to marry a suitable bag with money. it is not necessary to add passion here. I'm talking about that passion that once characterized the woman as a person. You can enthusiastically to embroider, paint, to volunteer, to read good (I say - good!) Books and discuss them with friends. Maybe engage in some sport or just root for some team. Collect cards or badges, finally. In general, at least something to pay attention to, but himself beloved. Develop at least in any one direction, but you can in two or three -. Although I already got excited

Unfortunately, most women advertise their passion, but yet are hunting for a man. Here they are, to draw the attention of the elect, we are ready to deal. And watch football, and boxing deal, and go fishing. But only to a certain point. Once the victim is hooked, and naively ran to the registrar, passion disappears and the unfortunate husband, who yesterday went with his bride with a football and recklessly argued that Filippo Inzaghi - the best player of the Italian national team for all the years of its existence, and favorite assured, it was Roberto Baggio, today heard that football - it's boring, sucks and do not need to take a seat at the TV in those moments when there are the same type tearful series

. I have nothing against the series does not have. Moreover, experience shows that men after marriage calmly take over the women's enthusiasm and look House-2 or annoying romantic comedies, the characters discuss with their wives and did not show his hatred for Cute handsome like Letto Jerad and Ben Affleck. But ladies somehow believe that after going to the registry office all hobbies should be left in the past life of her husband, because he now appeared one single passion - this is his beloved wife

. 2. The girls do not have enough ease.

Anyone paying attention to how to communicate with each other, men and women communicate? We men may well quarrel, and an hour later to talk, as if nothing had happened. Women are every look, to show them curves, take to heart, and can not forget for years. Resentment of women can be called phenomenal. And I think it's just out of boredom. Would they have hobbies, his head would have been busy with other thoughts. And since you have something to score free viewing time series.

Of course, among the girls have diamonds, which is pleasant to communicate and make friends, but, again, unfortunately, as practice shows, in most cases, a good girl-friend disappears and in its place once the friendship is over and start a relationship arises standard boring woman . However, an exception is still there (will continue to comfort ourselves that in mind), so you need to look for and do not give up.

3. The girls desperately try to avoid self-reliance.

And this, in my opinion, is also typical female disadvantage. Responsible for the words they do not consider it necessary, and justified by, and so frankly, they say, I'm a woman, and what did you expect. Think before you do something - this is not about women, most of them formed the impression that the brain does not to think

. Moreover, it is unclear'll do that, and to blame the man who did not think, did not hold, and did not do so Well, to solve their problems on their own women did not want to. There's a man who has to be a stone wall. But every stone wall is destroyed, so do not need it from time to overload too much, and it will collapse to the ground at the very beginning and have to run to the registry office for divorce immediately after marriage.

4. Many women are deprived of all such feelings as depth.

Here again, you can recall the passion, which is not enough for women. Superficiality in all - it's awful. No sympathy, hobbies, etc. It looks like a reasonable man, what is trying to talk, and try to go deeper into the chosen topic and you realize that it floats on the surface. And it becomes so sad-sad that again and again deceived met "blonde" with the wind in my head. Still, very correctly said about some people who head only to have to wear a hat. I just wonder how they themselves are not so boring to live? Every day the same empty talk, serials, rags, and nothing more. I would have a life of one week was crazy.

5. Women are simply not able to live for themselves.

They somehow think that to live for a man who is close by, this is the real life of that man will be grateful to them. It begins overprotection, which just kills, and attempt to re-adjust by itself, ignoring the tastes and preferences, etc. That is, listen to it and realize that you do not like the man of her dreams. What then does it close to you, do not understand. Marsh search for your ideal, which is doing something right. And that's because the kind thing. Women themselves can not stand when a man tries to at least something of their re or simply to make a comment. Start screaming, they say, if I do not like, so others like me, and your opinion of me to the bulb. And where is the logic, please tell me?

What is most offensive, re women seek not so much for herself, but for her friends. They have the same silk men, do what they say. And I'm worse? I also have to be jealous of my most obedient and most ideal. And when the imperfect does not stand up and gather my things, begins a new cry that life is impossible without it, etc. And all this because it is going through, how to tell her friends that the man left her? I do think that women marry only to fully comply with the opinion of their friends about themselves and God forbid not to reach the people unaccompanied.

6. Women have bad sense of humor.

None of what self-irony and ability to joke in response can be no question. They too are passionate statement on its pedestal, so to just come down with it. And moralizator position have to push away. And men bored listening morality all the time. The ability to time a joke or just respond to a joke can fix even the most unpleasant moments in communion.

7. yourself - that's what every girl need

. And they always think that they are the object of someone's attention and try to match the image of the ideal woman. And it's boring. Men like natural. Try to just be as you are and not try to look better. And it turns out only worse.


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