10 countries in which to be a woman — a real pleasure

The website decided to acquaint you with the ranking of the best countries for a woman's life according to the New and World Report. It was attended by 80 countries and interviewed more than 9,000 women. The rating was influenced by the 5 elements: human rights, gender equality, income equality, security and progress.

10. New Zealand

New Zealand — one of the most secure and peaceful countries. Since 1980, declared a nuclear-free zone. Some nice features of the evergreen country:

  • The country has almostno any natural hazards. The fauna contains no poisonous snakes or dangerous wild animals, also almost no blood-sucking insects.
  • New Zealand is recognized as one of the world leaders in providing access for disabled and people with disabilities.
  • Amazing purity on the streets. In New Zealand, even cleaner than in Switzerland.
  • All the passers-by, even in cities, say Hello to strangers — so it is accepted.
9. Austria

A country with a high level of income equality in the sphere of citizenship, enterprise and heritage. Waltz, skiing and cake "Sacher" — the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Austria. What are other features in this small country?

  • The Austrians leisurely. Even in the capital, no fuss, no hurry.
  • Healthy eating is an important part of life. Only 20% of Austrian women have problems with excess weight. This is the lowest figure throughout Europe.
  • After 20:00 on the streets of Austrian cities, only tourists. The locals prefer to spend the evening with friends, with family or at home.
  • Women in Austria do not like to use cosmetics, believing that it adversely affects the skin. In addition, a too bright dress for Austrian women considered vulgar tone, which is not true of men range of men's clothing stores here are much wider than women's.
8. Australia

In Australia one of the highest life expectancy. In recent years,women have taken leading positions in the government, large companies and universities. If you love wildlife and are ready to conquer the waves, we note that in Australia:

  • Honesty is important in people and in business. The division of Australian society into classes does not depend on income level, nor of the origin.
  • Australians have high individualism. Eccentricity in Australia is a quality quite respectable, if it is a manifestation of human individuality.
  • A critical attitude to any authority. More respect, according to Australians, it deserves the little man striving for success and not achieve it than lucky and successful. People with too high self-esteem is not love.
  • If you are invited to visit, need to bring a drink for yourself — it is considered good form.
7. Switzerland

Switzerland is recognized as the best place in 2017. A large part of the Parliament in Switzerland were women. What else you need to know lovers of good chocolate, cheese and trains in Switzerland?

  • The mixture of characters of different nationalities. Swiss is meticulous and businesslike German, Italian emotional and exquisite French. The Swiss are discreet on the outside and relaxed on vacation.
  • "Swiss precision" — it's about transportation. If the schedule says the bus will stop at 14:42, then rest assured, it will be so. Neither snow nor pouring rain will not cause the bus to be late even for a second.
  • The reception of guests. Often held a friendly meeting without any reason. Buying products the owner of a house who will come to the people she is preparing. A clear division between friends and relatives: these are two different circle of friends.
  • The child should come to school 40 minutes before school starts. Before class he always eats in the dining room (cocoa, hot croissants), and then rises into the audience. Classes end at 11:00.
6. Finland

Finland is the first country that allowed women to vote and participate in parliamentary elections. In Finland women are relatively easy to obtain a quality education, and the differences in the minimum wage. Don't be fooled by the slow speech of the Finns is their peculiarity, like a number of others:

  • Slow speech is associated with custom. According to Finnish customs, loud speech and laughter only allowed to a commoner. Finnish aristocrat is a silent, staid old gentleman.
  • Special attitude to the guests. The Finnish tradition includes a long process of preparation for the reception of guests. Sometimes it can take up to 2 weeks, during which the Finns are preparing a table, the program of the meeting and gifts.
  • The relationship between the sexes, according to the customs of Finland, built on the basis of equality and partnership. In Finland it is customary that at the restaurant everyone pays for itself.
5. Canada

The government of Canada is defending women's rights both domestically and internationally. And an undeniable plus of this country — the Prime Minister, who charmed the entire planet. Some interesting facts about Canada:

  • To paint the canadian women is not accepted, the makeup is applied normally only if I go somewhere, for example to a party.

  • Canadians have a reputation for being generous people. Tipping in Canada is 10-15% of the service cost. Tips are given to waiters, taxi drivers, hairdressers, service personnel of hotels.

  • Friendships are different from ours. Canadians consider themselves to be independent, live in a very mobile society and do not seek to establish close friendships. Most often friends are those people who are close in a certain period of time: colleagues at work, school or sports, neighbors.

4. Netherlands

A pregnant woman is a nurse on maternity leave, her services are covered by insurance. Dutch policy is aimed at providing women with good job for the sake of reducing their inequality with men in various spheres of life. The Netherlands is your country, if you like the Dutch:

  • Are known for excellent health. The Dutch dress very easily even in winter.
  • Love the bike. In Amsterdam the number of bicycles exceeds the number of residents.
  • Don't like hot Lunches. Dutch lunch usually consists of sandwiches with cheese or peanut butter.
  • I love the flowers. Flowers from Holland are very cheap and of excellent quality.
  • You tall. The Dutch are the tallest nation in the world. The average height is 182 cm.
  • The initiative in the relationship. In the Netherlands it is not customary for a man to take the initiative in respect of women.
3. Norway

In Norway, women are given 35 weeks of pregnancy leave and maternity leave at full pay and 45 weeks at 80 % of salary. Since 1980, the government of Norway more than 50% of posts are occupied by women. Moving to Norway, be prepared for the following features:

  • If you are a writer, then this country is for you. The government of Norway buys 1000 copies of each novohispano books and distribute these books among the public libraries.
  • Mandatory maternity leave for men, which is 14 weeks.
  • It is not customary to give place to older people in public transport. So you emphasize their superiority over them.
  • The day starts at 10:00 and ends at 15:00 or 16:00, have lunch break and 2 tea break.
2. Denmark

Denmark is a welfare state where education and healthcare are virtually free. It was here, according to the European Union, the most flexible family policy in respect of spouses who are parents. Features Of Denmark:

  • Workday most residents begins at 8:00 and ends at 16:00.
  • The most common transport in Denmark is the Bicycle.
  • Buses are able to bend to the right, thereby facilitating landing the disabled and parents with children in strollers.
  • Cleaning the apartment, washing dishes, going to the store for groceries, child care is the usual case for Danish men.
  • The maximum height of buildings — 6 floors.
1. Sweden

In Sweden the highest level of women's employment. Women make up almost 60% of all students and is a quarter of all senior positions. If you choose this country, then get ready:

  • Love "fico". The meaning of "graphs" — to drink coffee and chat and absorb all kinds of pastry. This is done certainly in the company. On the "fick" it happens several times a week or even a day. Skip "fico" — a bad tone.
  • To plan a vacation. From late June to mid-August, the country closed for the holidays on the streets are extremely crowded.
  • There are sweets. Every Saturday in the family circle in front of the TV and adults and kids overeat sweets: the average Swedish family consumes 1.2 kg of sweet per week.
  • Get up early and go to bed. The streets are dying at 21:00, the bars are empty after midnight. Swedes rush home to go to bed early. Here, like a clear agenda and did not leave until the end of peasant traditions.

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