Take a look at the world's only nursing home cats

What will happen to your cat if you survive it? Lincolnshire Trust for Cats in Lincolnshire, England - a charity that claims that the world's only nursing home for the cats. At the present time there in comfort, warmth and comfort attain the age of about 80 older cats.

This nursing home is designed specifically for cats whose owners are worried about the fate of their pets in the event that they will survive their owners. "Do not you would like to see the rest of the life of your friend held in a cell with no hope of finding a new home because of his age? - Ask the organization's website. - All of us tend to think that we will live forever. But we must remember that our pets may well outlive us ».

Lincolnshire nursing home for cats provides an alternative - a safe place where cats can grow old and die in peace. Unique house located in an area of ​​about 28 000 sq. m (about 3 hectares) on the outskirts of the village Osgodbi. It consists of three centrally heated living rooms connected by open areas for walking. All the windows in the rooms facing south, cats have always been able to enjoy plenty of solar heat. The animals were fed only food of the highest quality and provide them with all kinds of amenities: heated couches, sofas and even a fireplace.

To put the cat in this unique shelter, the owner must pay a one-time fee, which currently stands at 1 300 $. The Foundation takes care of all future expenses, including any treatment or surgery, you may need to cats. "I know about the charitable organizations that watch over several older cats, but not on such a scale as we are, - says the founder of the orphanage Jane Hill - I do not think anywhere else there is something like that because people bring to us animals even from London ».

In addition to creating homes for the elderly, the fund takes care of abandoned and in need of new cat owners - there are about 400. It is interesting that Ms. Hill admits that while she is working with cats, dogs loves. "I have five dogs at home - says Jane - I could not open a charity for dogs, but failed to do so for cats. And it is good that I can withdraw from them without connecting your emotions ».

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