3 facts about how strong people are loneliness

Whining and complaints of loneliness - for the weak. Strong people are able not only easy to carry it, and pay in their favor. How do they do it? .. 1. They do not try to trick sebya

Take a look at the truth and the awkwardness will pass, like the fear of the people who supposedly something to think about why you spend time alone. Stop trying to be cool in the eyes of others, especially strangers.

2. They devote their time to what love more vsego

If your favorite band is going to perform a single concert in your city, and none of his friends could not go, do not lose the opportunity to realize a dream. You can always wait for the others to be free, and eventually to realize that the time missed. In addition, planning something for themselves do not require the exchange of a bunch of posts (and wacky group chats).

3. They make the schedule and do not change their planov

Once a week, include in your schedule evening that spend alone. You can go to the movies, but you can all day long lain in bed ... A line in the schedule will written confirmation that you have to please yourself, and will not change their plans if something goes something unexpected. Try to learn how to be a friend to yourself, and then you cease to be an unwitting hostage to society.

via lifehacker.ru/2015/07/17/vremya-v-odinochestve/


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