Fact of the day: it found 30 American eye ... you know, to ... well, see for yourself

The fact that a series of "this mad, mad world." On Tuesday morning, the police stopped the car of Wyoming 51-year-old Roy Tilbota. It was just a routine check, which was the most extraordinary result that you can imagine.


For some reason, the police asked the driver to leave the car, then noticed how the right-hand leg Tilbota slipped on the road ... a few eyeballs.

Deciding that in front of them - the likely killer, the police reacted instantly, pulled out a pistol and wearing handcuffs on Tilbota. The suspect swore that his eyes are not human and cow, and that he took them to the local slaughterhouse, where he worked as a butcher.


"The company is not authorized to remove waste products from the territory of the enterprise, preferring to throw them into the garbage, - he explained the unusual offender - but it's a waste. They should have allowed us to pick up scraps of meat and other waste home - such an initiative would be beneficial for the environment. They do not even want to let them in refining. I love to eat bull's eyes and slowly stand them pushing into the anus - is the only way to avoid detection and fire ».

Tilbot also admitted that in the last months of work in the slaughterhouse had to endure thousands of eyeballs.

"I cook the soup of them. They are very helpful for erectile dysfunction, which I currently suffer, but other than that, I like the taste ».

The police still do not understand whether you need to involve Tilbota for stealing bovine eyes. They say they want to begin to talk to the offending employer.

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