10 amazing facts about how disgusting our body

If you think about the human body - is a factory for the production of any muck. What? Read, if not disgusting ... And if disgusted Site recalls - nothing special, it's just a man! 1. On a hot day the foot secrete two glasses pota

We know that the feet sweat, but do not even suspect how much. The foot is more than 250,000 sweat glands. On a hot day, they produce more than 400 milliliters of sweat!

A huge amount of sweat creates an ideal environment for bacteria. They're literally thrive ... and stink. What can you do, change your socks often.

2. During the life of a person "reset" 18-25 kilograms kozhi

Our skin is constantly being updated, so that the upper layer remained elastic and smooth. Every day, 500 million cell otmёrshih make room for new and separate from our body.

Do you know where the dead cells the most? On a washcloth! Sponge scrapes a layer of dead cells, but most of them then, and remain in it. On one wisp of tow contains billions of dead cells, bacteria devoured.

3. In the mouth, are found from 500 to 1,000 species bakteriy

If someone compared the mouth of a person with a chamber pot - it would be a compliment. The fact that the mouth - much dirtier place than the average pot. At this point it dwells from 500 to 1000 bacteria, fungi and 70-80 types of viruses and even some parasites. So - you can chew on without stopping. Fortunately, there is chew!

4. People are the same hairy as obezyany

Yes, our hair is thinner and lighter, but the number of hair follicles is the same as the other primates - 5 million.

5. Each day, the body produces a liter slizi

The mucus acts as a moisturizing and cleansing. If it was not, the body's tissues to dry banal. The viscosity of mucus helps her collect garbage - bacteria, germs pollen, dirt particles, mold spores, smoke and other substances contained in the air we breathe.

6. The body contains hydrochloric kislotu

This extremely corrosive liquid in the stomach would be sufficient to cause metal corrosion. It is needed in order to cope with persistent harmful bacteria that can cause various health problems. In the less acidic environment, they have multiplied and lived happily ever after.

By the way, if it was not protected by the stomach mucosa, it would digest itself, and all the internal organs in the bargain.

7. The body is inhabited by hundreds of species of gribov

And sometimes they get out of control. If the immune system begins to fail, the fungus instantly "capture area", covering all surfaces of a disgusting and producing a protective cover. This stuff can appear on the head in the form of seborrhea, or worse, psoriasis, or in the throat, causing tonsillitis (angina), or something else where a thrush ... Fortunately, usually our body is able to suppress the activity of pathogenic fungi.

8. The hair follicles all over the skin microscopic live kleschi

Demodex mite is widespread - to know exactly how many people have it, it is impossible, but even if you do not, it will surely be. To catch enough contact with a carrier tick, and in people over 60 years demodeksoz found in 80% of cases. Think about this the next time you hug your favorite grandmother.

But as a rule, do not deliver Demodex man trouble: they are so tiny that only one hole of the hair can live up to 25 pieces, and they were not up to you.

9. Carnivorous bacteria can devour us iznutri

Carnivorous bacteria enter the body through a cut, wound or non-compliance with sterility during the operations. Our immune system is able to keep them under control - at least as long as we are alive. When our life comes a sad but natural end, these guys are happy to break free and do their dirty deed: devour tissue, which, in fact, called the "disintegration". Oh yes, they are here. Always nearby and waiting in the wings.

10. You can tear ekskrementami

If all of the above was not enough to make you vomit spasms, then finally, we have saved something especially exciting.

Sometimes vomiting may contain human faeces. This occurs, for example, ileus. Processed food residues can not leave the body naturally, so they are on the way back - from the colon to the stomach and on. As a result, the gag reflex is triggered. Contact gastric motility can also trigger the return of feces from the bowel.

Now you know everything.

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