15 facts that literally upside your idea of ​​the world

No, it is not so simple in our world, in which many things upside down forever! The site offers verify this fact with the help of the fascinating collections, which turns everything ... 1. Yuki Indians believed no fingers (fives), and the spaces between the fingers (fours).

2. In Central America, the sky is not isolated in the constellation of the Milky Way, and the gaps between black clouds of light - but also called them by the names of animals. Zodiac is black - it is complementary to the constellations.

3. Bulgarian nod means' no ».

4. In America counted on the fingers, bending back on their fists, and without bending them, as we are. And the Japanese, though bent, but not as well as we are not starting with the little finger and thumb with.

5. Unlike us, the politically correct African-Americans believe the zebra black animal with white stripes.

6. color of mourning - black in Russia and Europe, white in Japan.

7. In Japan and the English-speaking countries in the rainbow allocate at 7 and 6 colors.

8. Hell at the northern peoples is cold, the southern - hot.

9. The indigenous people of Africa, the Bushmen say inspiratory and expiratory not we.

10. In China, there are doctors who believe that their job is that patients were healthy. They are paid only when their clients do not get sick - it means that they do well with their work. Once a person becomes ill, he stops paying your doctor.

11. In Japan, believe that it is wrong to give the names of the streets. Streets - it's just an empty space between the houses. The Japanese have a name quarters. At home, get their numbers in the order in which they were built.

12. familiar to us, "location" of the past and the future: what has passed - behind, the future - ahead. But some Amazonian tribes perceive the future as something that is behind him (because we do not yet know what it is), but the past, in their opinion, is the face: we have seen it, and we know we can imagine.

13. mailing address in Russia written in the following order: country, city, street, house, apartment, man. In Europe and America the opposite: people, apartment, house, street, city, country.

14. We think of death as the grim reaper, and the Mexicans as a gay skeleton that smiling and strumming bones.

15. Maps of the world, printed in the Southern hemisphere, such as Australia, for us to be considered overturned upside down.

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