15 facts about the world that will transform your understanding of it upside the head

Many people differ from other non-thinking. Yes there are people, a whole population of some countries has at times such habits and customs, which are not understandable to others! The website shares with the reader interesting facts, turning your world view upside down!

The Indian tribe Yuki thought of something to do with your fingers, and with spaces between them, that is not the fives and the fours.

African Bushmen tribe speaks on the inhale, not exhale, like all the other people.

Bulgarca nod up and down when you want to say "no."

The people of Africa prefer to consider the Zebra a black horse with white stripes.

Some tribes of Central America were identified on the black sky between star clusters, not constellations. So they had a black zodiac.

In Europe and Russia, the traditional mourning color is black, at that time, in Japan white.

In English-speaking countries and in Japan when listing the colors of the rainbow use six instead of seven colors.

Southern people are Hell hot and the North cold.

In Mexico, death is present not in the form of the grim Reaper, and a painted smiling skeleton.

In Australia and other southern hemisphere countries, map of the world printed in unusual for residents of the Northern hemisphere is turned upside down.

Representatives of some Amazonian tribes believe that the future is something behind them, because I don't know what it is. And the past for them is what lies ahead, because they've already seen and know what it represents.

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