When the family really harsh mother

All parents love their children, but this love is manifested in different ways. Someone in every possible way indulges the child, and someone keeps him in line. The website tells a hilarious story about a very formidable mother, scared the whole family!

Tonight my mother one. I was sitting at the computer, looking for information on the study. Then my mother looked into the room and loudly barked:

— Now go to sleep, you bastard!

I already jumped! Tried to prove that I'm an adult and can sleep when I want. My timid objections, the mother said that she's actually to our dog treated, which is hidden under the table.

— Here, damn, you're raising a child, groom, nurture, and for some reason he appeal "the beast" takes on his account... — upset mom said.

Ha! Yes there baby! — he heard daddy's voice from the couch. — I'm a little in the bed did not run!

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