6 main facts that will save you from a dog attack

The site publishes Kratom selection rules that you need to read carefully: someday they may save your life!

Here are a few rules that will help to escape unscathed if you ever come across a hostile dog, bloodthirsty:

1. Stand still. Fear and aggression anger the dog even more.

2. Do not run away from a dog and avoid eye contact; slowly move away from the animal.

3. If you see that the dog is going to attack, put something between you - a stick, a jacket, something that will protect you.

4. When a dog attacks, use a stick or stone as a weapon. Try to aim for the eyes and the throat hit.

5. If the bite is inevitable, substitute forearm, leaving three limbs free to attack the dog and protect the face and stomach. Not to take his hand out of the dog's mouth.

6. After the attack, consult with your doctor about rabies and other diseases, which are the carriers of the dog. Contact the police and animal control.

via factroom.ru


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