From this stunning "Stairway to Heaven" you dizzy! 10 photo-facts

The trail Haiku, Hawaii - a staircase, nearly four thousand steps, which leads to the top of the cliff Koolau. The site publishes the 10 photo-facts about the amazing stairs. < 1. Haiku Stairs (Haiku Stairs), or Stairway to Heaven - a picturesque walking trail on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, winding along mountain terrain to a height of 850 meters. < br />

2. His second name she received the chance - steps are on a very steep rise, literally disappearing into the arms of clouds and disappeared from view.

3. The staircase was built in 1942 for the needs of the military. As commanders traveled to her hilltop antenna.

4. In 1987, the need for a radio tower disappeared - and the staircase became a cult pedestrian route, which was to conquer only by travelers in excellent physical shape.

5. In 2003, the Haiku Trail was completely renovated for the safety of tourists, who still wanted to walk on the extreme route.

6. Since then, the staircase is periodically opened, then closed for the access of tourists. The authorities of the island of Oahu is still considered the "vertical" the route is too dangerous for travelers and locals alike.

7. In connection with the accident on the trail of Haiku, and complaints of local residents in the crowd of noisy tourists pass through the ladder in 2013 temporarily banned.

8. At the starting point of extreme route round the clock police who guarded the main entrance to the trail.

9. If, despite the official ban, you still dare to conquer the trail Haiku, do not forget the necessary gear: anti-slip gloves, shoes with a firm sole and loose clothing. On average, climb to the top takes about two hours.

10. If you get caught - be prepared to pay a fine, the amount of which depends on the place where you caught the eye of the police.



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