5 honest facts, why today do not have to learn 5

The site publishes a post Dmitry Vorontsov, who in his example proves that high performance in school does not give any advantage in adult zhizni.Dlya me, as for many other people, university studies took place with the firm conviction that assessment decide everything.

Teachers and parents are told that the high performance open to us the doors of this world. High score - is the key to a successful life.

And I blindly believed their words ...

I remember a time when I was studying bring themselves to half alive only in order to get a high score on the exam.

And it seemed to me that it all makes sense, but I would not want my child to study as hard as once his father.

It sounds strange, but I will explain my position.

1. No one has ever asked me about my otsenkahNi employer never interested in my marks in the university!

None of the resume I have not met the Count, "progress", but all, without exception, was a must - «experience».

Even more surprising is the fact that my computer skills and athletic achievements give me more "weight" when applying for a new job than five in the test book.

2. I have forgotten everything learned in universiteteMoya memory arranged an exclusive way, I forgot all the material immediately after the exam. When I first came to practice, I realized that in all the years of study at the University of anything I did not learn.

And, although my assessment saying the opposite, in my mind I was a complete mess, scraps of knowledge that I did not know how and where to apply.

As it turned out, 5 years of university studies in the fine did not give me any advantage over other "less" educated.

Eventually just the first 2 months of practice, I "picked up" more useful knowledge and gained more skills than in the previous 5 years the pursuit of good grades. So was it worth so tense all these years?

3. Good level of harm to my zdorovyuEsli someone can grasp everything on the fly, I'm not one of those people. To invest in the knowledge of his head, I had to cram memorized material. Before the session I was 12-15 hours a day. I remember turning off vapor and in public transport, because much enough sleep.

Because chronic fatigue decreased my productivity, knowledge of it out of his head, his hands are not "stand" on the job, the day passed in a blur.

Today, I am surprised his perseverance, persistence and perseverance - through the power to force yourself to do something from which you sick. And somehow I am sure that he could not repeat the "feat" again.

4. I do not have time for other lyudeyV university I had plenty of opportunities to acquire a network of useful contacts. But I did not.

Study and thought about studying occupied almost all my time, I did not have it even on the personal affairs and meet with friends.

Perhaps the most valuable opportunity offered by the university, - a network of acquaintances.

University - a springboard for a new relationship and validation of their ability to make new friends and keep in touch.

I noticed the following interesting fact: those people who were the soul of the company during their studies, today a well-arrange their lives. Among them there are even Chief MREO, and yet he's only 30. And he couple, in fact, rarely went ...

If I had another chance, I would have preferred less hung up on their studies and spend more time on student movements, events, parties. A diploma, without any regret, would trade the title of "the most sociable person».

5. Everything that brings me the money today, I learned outside universitetaEffektivnoe training is only possible when there is interest. Modern education is the most interesting kills, scoring his head with all sorts of theoretical facts that never find their application in real life.

Sometimes, looking at the program on channel Discovery, I have an hour to learn about the world more than 15 years of study.

So I learned English in just 1, 5 years old when I got my interest in him. Although the "trying" to teach him to 8 years in school and another 5 years at university.

I learned how to express their thoughts on paper than on the lessons of the Russian language, and publishing articles on his blog.

Here are the tips that I will give to his son when he goes to school:

  • The difference between 4 and 5 is so blurred that it is unlikely seriously affect the quality of your life. But to learn 5, should invest much more of their time and effort. Worth It?
  • Your account pay your skills, rather than on the assessment of a piece of paper. Gain experience and not a mark. The more you have experience in different areas, the more you stand.
  • Red diploma will give you measurable benefits, which is not true of influential friends. Much attention is paid to new acquaintances and communicate with others - that they are able to open to you the doors of the world, but not your certificate.
  • to do what is for you the meaning, not the fact that from you expect other. Only through the interest will be possible all your great achievements.
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