7 facts about animals Predictor

1. in a nursing home of the US state of Rhode Island, there is a cat who knows how to smell death. About rare gift cat named Oscar said in his book, the professor at Brown University, USA David Dosa. Côte very rarely makes mistakes and sometimes even predicted death better than doctors themselves. Oscar does not differ from other cats living in a hospital, except for one unusual properties. He rarely spends time with patients, except those who will soon die. If he was not allowed into the chamber where the dying man, he begins to scratch the door and ask him.

2. Many animals predict the weather accurately. Frogs a few hours before the rain heart-rending cry, croak. Seagulls waiting for the storm no longer fly with a loud squeak walk along the beach and all kind express concern and sometimes even buried in the sand. Puffins, justifying its name, change the route ahead of its long-haul flights and in anticipation of the storm pressed against the shore. The freshwater crayfish before rain crawl ashore. A similar pattern can be seen in the sea. If small crab, crayfish hermits, amphipods went on shore it means to be a storm. Ants quickly close all the entrances to the nest. The bees stopped flying for nectar in flowers, sitting in the hive and beeping.

< 3. After Spitak earthquake in Armenia, which occurred in 1988, it became widely known story of Alice and her husky host Garibyan from Leninakan. On the morning of December 7, two hours before the earthquake, the owner took the dog for a walk, but back in the house Alice refused to return, terribly howling and barking. Frightened by the owner called the police in the city council, on the radio, and everywhere he ridiculed. In any case Gharibyan decided to bring his family out of the house and offered to do the same neighbors. And not in vain, since at this time the city and struck element. Before that Gharibyan spent 20 years on the Kamchatka Peninsula, and from there brought a husky who saved the life of his family.

4. During the Second World War, when the sky at any moment could fall death, cats often saved their owners. Black and white cat named Sally, who lived in the vicinity of London Docklands, has developed a sophisticated warning system, using which its owner and neighbors found themselves in the shelter before they started dropping bombs. Feeling that the raid is close, Sally ran to the bar in the lobby, where hung a gas mask, and began aggressively pounding his forepaws, and then returned to their owner and take it to scratch. Then she rushed into the yard and began scratching at the door of the bomb shelter. Once, when the hostess came to the shelter, Sally jumped over the fence, ran into the yard to the neighbors and began to meow loudly, attracting their attention. Only when all were in a bomb shelter, Sally relaxed, curled up and fell asleep peacefully.

5. Japanese scientists to observe the behavior of crocodiles in the nursery on the island of Konso, noted that before a strong earthquake in the central part of the island, which occurred on 17 December 1987, a herd of crocodiles suddenly made a real "concert". Dozens of individuals have begun to issue an alarm and growl, curving arc, to perform an intricate dance. And this time scientists have found a plausible explanation psychic crocodile: animals perceive extremely fine vibrations of terrestrial magnetism.

6. There are cases when many animals have this foresight. For example, a cocker named Jersey grabbed the trousers of his master, when he was heading to his friend fly in his private jet. Usually quietest dog whined and growled menacingly. And when the boss is still going to go away, she bit him on the leg, which caused serious anger the whole family. The next morning it was reported that the plane crashed on a friend: hit a rock.

7. And finally, not to mention the world-famous predictor. In the German city of Oberhausen I lived in the aquarium octopus Paul, who could be called this "oracle" of the animal world. It was used in totalizatorskih purposes. In 2008, during the European Football Championship Paul began to predict the results of the matches against Germany. Then the accuracy of his predictions was 80% (Paul correctly predicted the outcome of four of the five matches of the German national team). In 2010, at the World Cup, held in South Africa, Paul correctly predicted the outcome of all matches of the German national team.

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