Woman lost weight with the help of skunk smell

Meet the new skunsovuyu dietu

Entrepreneur Alex Fontaine, like many people trying to get rid of the extra kilos, tried different ways - from acupuncture (stimulation of biologically active points of the body with the help of acupuncture) to hypnotherapy sessions listening to recordings with the voices of whales (there is such an original technique, however, not very effective, as practice shows), but failed to achieve satisfactory results.

After many fruitless attempts to Fontaine, being at a party and found that disgusting smell of one of the dishes, brought by her completely stole her appetite. Alex realized that the connection between smell and appetite can be used to eat less. Women in Business has developed so sharp and unpleasant smell that as soon as she felt it as a desire to eat anything immediately disappeared.

The main component created Fontaine "fragrance for a weight loss" has become odorous irritant which serves skunks defense against predators. "Muse" for a woman to become a female skunk named Sally. After 18 months of hard work on inventing a miracle odor finally became quite nasty and memorable Fontaine to lose 10 kg and has decided to help those who are sitting on the endless and senseless diets.

The principle of 'diet from Fontaine "is based on the mechanism of perception our brain odors: in the evolution of ancestors of modern humans have learned on a specific" flavor "to determine suitable food, for example, found a fruit or lain for some time in the sun animal carcass.

Of course, we are far removed from the primitive hunters and gatherers, and is not so often faced with the need to use the sense of smell to determine the quality of the food. However, the smell is still able to influence a person's appetite, so if you want to use the method of Alex Fontaine, may order the spray based on its proprietary funds over the Internet for about $ 48.

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