The milk that you drink does not affect the amount of nasal secretions

A very important research!

Sometimes when you are walking lazily across the network in search of something interesting, you find something amazing: sometimes this video with seals, and sometimes it is a study of whether the effect on the milk cold. More precisely, on how much mucus in the nose appears.

This is a wonderful study. Its aim was supposedly to learn how dairy products are affected by the number in the nose, I'm sorry, snot. But in fact it is one of the gifts the world of science, from the category of gravitational waves or the polio vaccine.

The most striking is the fact that, as the study authors say, 60 volunteers "challenged" rhinovirus. Earlier in scientific research, we have not seen such a formula, but it's great when scientists start talking using euphemisms. The words "we are going to challenge the rhinovirus" sounds much better than "we are going to study the snotĀ».

No less striking is the ease with which scientists undertook a decision by themselves the task - to measure the quantity of nasal mucus before and after drinking milk. You just need to find volunteers who agree to provide tissue from their noses. According to the information about the study, immediately after studying tissue were "hermetically sealed". Probably, they were returned to the owners.

As a bonus, in the study are given interesting information about diet: some volunteers drank one to 11 glasses of milk a day. We can not imagine that we'll drink a glass of 11, but it turns out, this is normal.

And the most important thing in this study, of course, the result is the number of nasal secretions did not increase when people drank milk. Although colds people allocated an average of 30, 4 grams daily nasal mucus, milk, it had no effect. So the next time you get sick, you can safely enjoy a mug of hot chocolate. Or even eleven circles.



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