Chinese grandmother for five consecutive years was of a sick granddaughter to school on the back

Otherwise, the girl could not uchitsya

Love grandparents to grandchildren is boundless, and cute story of the city of Yibin in Sichuan Province of China proves it. Despite the fact that the 14-letnayaya Fang Qiu Mei can not walk, she did not miss a day of class at school and always appears there on time. For it is thanks to her 66-year-old grandmother, who every day brings a girl to school, after school and taken out of school and brings home.

Fan Mei was born with an anomaly kneecaps - her legs are not able to withstand its weight. She can not even stand without excruciating pain more than a few minutes, not to mention the fact, to get to school - to move, she needs help.

Unfortunately, his father left the family when Fang Mei was still very young, and her mother soon remarried and left a daughter in the care of grandparents, proved to be very kind and loving people. Grandpa, unfortunately, is too old and sick, he can not overwork, so the grandmother takes care of all the needs of a small family.

Grandma always gets up at five in the morning, and at seven she Fang Mei on the back out of the house. They go to school, and during the journey they have to stop to rest at least five times. The school is located two kilometers from the house, and to get to it, they needed a half hour. When they are not late: to 8:30 grandmother brings her granddaughter to school for five years in a row.

Fan Mei doing everything in its power to her grandmother was easier to wear. She is trying to maintain your weight with the help of two bamboo spikes and trying to walk as much as you can. She also very good student, so that grandmother's efforts are not in vain.

In this sad story has a happy ending. After a small family began to speak to the media, the authorities have decided to intervene. Now, the whole family moved to a new house near the school, and Mei Fang presented a wheelchair so she could move independently. The authorities also sought help in medical facilities - it is possible that the girl can be put on your feet.



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