History of condensed milk

According to some the idea of ​​producing condensed milk was offered in 1810 by Frenchman Nicolas Appert. This Parisian confectioner found that if you boil a can of juice and the contents are not spoiled for a long time. And after many experiments, he found that the milk is best stored in sealed cans, which also does not burst when boiled. However, this invention has been patented by American Gail Borden August 19, 1856. In 1850, Borden based on the idea Frenchman created the "meat biscuit," and in 1851 he was invited to London for a trade show. Returning, he witnessed the death of several children due to poisoning of poor quality milk of sick cows. From that moment engaged in Borden's condensed milk.
In 1858, the United States has opened the world's first plant for the production of condensed milk, and with the beginning of the Civil War was the product is produced in large quantities to supply them to the soldiers of the North. Postwar Borden fame allowed him to organize a few new plants to transfer a thriving company sons, and to finish the day in a small Texas town named in his honor Borden.

The first factory for the production of condensed milk in Russia appeared in Orenburg.

Condensed milk produced in the Soviet Union, packed in tin cans with a white-blue-blue paper labels. This image was so constant from decade to decade, its design is still used as a kind of "brand". At the same time, there are variations of boiled condensed milk, also using the original packaging design, but painted in brown (the color of boiled condensed milk) colors.

To supply the northern and other remote areas condensed milk cans were produced in a volume of 3 liters. Form banks and label design in this case was the same.

In Soviet times, caramelized (boiled) sweetened condensed milk industry does not produce, and prepared at home by cooking more normal condensed milk straight into a bank in a water bath for several hours. When boiling water banks typically explode.

Condensed milk is obtained by evaporation of whole milk with the addition thereto of 12% crystalline sugar or without.

The main indicator of the quality of condensed milk (both conventional and boiled) - the interest component of the fat and moisture, which are based on state standards must not be below 8, 5% and not more than 26, 5%, respectively. In the manufacture of condensed milk is allowed to use only natural milk fat, the use of vegetable fats is forbidden, and it should be called "condensed milk with sugar."


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