The most important tips that successful people would like to receive at age 22

Youth - time errors, but not those which you think, "Remember yourself in 22 years. You have just finished or finish higher education and are in the beginning of his professional career. How would you like to influence the while supporting what decisions and what advise? "- That such a question addressed to the LinkedIn service employees with one of the most successful people of our time. The results of a poll conducted by the publication were quite unexpected.

1. "Let the price explosion, but Achieve your goals" - Richard Branson, cozdatel Corporation Virgin Group

«There are a lot of things that I would like to know the age of 22 - recognized British billionaire - for example, that Sir Tim Berners-Lee invent the Internet, then I would first create a service LinkedIn, not mention Google, Twitter and Facebook! »

«It would be interesting to know what Steve Jobs will release the iPod and the music industry will take place online revolution - I would much earlier sold his chain of shops for the sale of CDs and LPs, and left the music business».

blockquote> 2. "Do not waste your time just to work" - Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post

Arianna Huffington while on tour in support of her new book «Thrive» many times asked the same question, which sounded something like this: "What do you advise enterprising young people who want to succeed, but just starting their journey to the top of the career ladder? They need less sleep and more work? Can we consider staging a variety of purposes-speed elevator to success? ».

Here it is advised that one of the most successful women of our time budding careerists: "It is fundamentally not true. We have lived too long in the collective delusion that only burning out at work, you can achieve success "- sure Arianna.

According to Huffington, if she could give advice to yourself 22 years, it would be so:

«Arianna, your performance would be much higher if you are able not only to work efficiently, but also to quickly switch to rest, recover and relax».

blockquote> 3. "You can not make life easier, but you can afford to do it better" - Sally Cravchek, owner of social network

Sally Cravchek earlier - the top manager of Bank of America, and now - the owner of a social network for successful women, dreams that a young man she had known for their strengths and weaknesses, as well as to be able to immediately know what She stremitsyai how to achieve this.

Sally would have said to myself 22 years:

«In any case, you will have a hard time - you determine what you want to do, but almost all of the large companies on Wall Street, you will be denied, although in the end podvernёtsya good option. It will be a very "fun" - will have to be humiliated every day and listen to failures, so will have to get a thick skin to get through it. And of course, you will have a lot of work ».

blockquote> 4. "Comprehend the wisdom of uncertainty" - Deepak Chopra, head of the medical center Chopra Center for Wellbeing

"At the beginning of medical career I have had the confidence - I know where I work and what should do - says Deepak Chopra - but I did not imagine that a person can do with uncertainty in life and doubts».

According to Deepak, he thought that stability and certainty - the best that can be in life.

«If I knew then as I know now that the uncertainty lies great wisdom - it opens the door to the unknown, and just not knowing what is waiting for you, you can improve».

blockquote> 5. "Money does not make you, is that you make money" - Suze Orman, writer, TV presenter, financial analitik

«When you are a little more than 20, and you're just starting, you constantly think about what will take and how you will live when earned millions, it gives you power over money. Understand - it's not how much you earn, but how you manage your money and life ».

blockquote> In his youth Seuss worked as a dishwasher and a waitress for a modest, not to say ridiculous money, but then everything changed: "I have developed its own financial strategy and taking advantage of it, began to earn more per month than before the year - says Orman and adds - the problem is that the more I earn, the more I wanted to show it all. I spend money on something to raise their self-esteem, but it has not brought results ».

6. "Recognize that the best jobs may not be for you" - Clara Shih, founder of startup Hearsay Social

According to Clara, she had no reason to complain about his career path, but there are a few things that she would like to know at the beginning: first, do not choose a job just because of its demand, and secondly, the choice is not dwell on wages.

«The most common mistake in the beginning of his career - to become a victim of the opportunities and career growth, gain an inflated self-esteem and do not succumb to the temptation to make too big, but fast money».

blockquote> Her recipe for success - prudence and foresight:

«For the sake of your future, you better be guided by long-term perspective and not take hasty decisions».

blockquote> 7. "As soon as possible start to work on their image" - Craig Newmark, a developer of electronic service announcements

"People quickly make their impression of you and it will be very difficult to change, this is what marketers call brand goods" - says Craig Newmark.

His advice to myself 22-year-old:

«You are at the outset are fully responsible for your own branding, and the sooner you start to work on it, the better." According to Newmark, his brand initially was not the most promising: "We, clever, often perceived as eccentrics, but over time, you can change this impression, especially if you have a sense of humor».

blockquote> 8. "Find out what you are good" - Rachel Zoe, writer, stylist, dizayner

"When you are at the beginning of a career path, it looks exciting and somewhat scary," - says Rachel.

«I am eternally grateful to my instinct and parents who helped me navigate the unknown world of fashion. If I could go back, I would say myself that now I say to all break the just the first step of the career ladder: do not look at the clock, acknowledge their weakness and strength, prioritize, be above emotions and try to prove themselves in the interviews. "< br />
blockquote> 9. "Learn how others live" - ​​Jim Kim, MD, president of the World banka

When Kim was 22, he was not too happy with his life - first-year student at Harvard Medical School had all night cramming anatomy and it is thought to quit practicing medicine.

«At 22, I would like to know how to prepare for a future career, and now I have two pieces of advice to himself: first - find out how people live in different walks of life and try to understand their world, the second - take advantage of the meditative and other spiritual practices, soothing your mind ».

blockquote> 10. "Work does not understand, you had a day off, or not, but friends will remember" - Naomi Simson, a former employee of Apple, CEO RedBalloon

Naomi Simson would like to wish yourself at age 22 often have fun, breathe deeply, practice yoga and raw food: "I work a lot. It was focused, purposeful and disciplined, but rarely found time for self-expression and creativity ».

«Now I would advise 22-year-old to take care of themselves friends - often call them, spend time together, share experiences and feelings. Facebook does not teach you to communicate with friends ».

blockquote> 11. "Strive to learn as much as possible" - Christopher Elliott, writer, human rights activist, zhurnalist

From the height of his experiences Christopher Elliot would like to suggest to the young man he once was, to solve big challenges, to learn more of the new, learn to understand when it's time to move on, be a good subordinate, until you learn to be a good leader, more frequent time with loved ones, learn to dance and read more poetry. In addition, Elliott would like to tell 22-year-old currently an important point:

«Do not worry, that he began to go bald. No hair is even better ».

blockquote> 12. "Read the book" The Way of the four roads' "- Laura Sisir, CEO of Supply Chain Insights

"Oh, if only I could go back. - Laura complains Sisir - When I was 22, I received a second degree - arrogant idealist, full of ambition and expectations ».

«Now I'm 60 and if it were possible to go back to 40 years ago, I would have studied the book" The Way of the four roads "- she became a real revelation to me and a fount of wisdom. It describes the practice of Native American shamans, meditation, deep comprehension of the meaning of all things, and some of the principles, which address important issues. At 22, this information would have saved me a lot of time and effort ».



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