Scientists can not decide whether the apes are able to print Shakespeare

Theory nedokazuema

According to the theory, an infinite number of monkeys typing on an infinite number of keyboards infinite amount of time, in the end, will reproduce the works of Shakespeare. There have been several experiments to find out how possible this feat of literary skill, and the results were interesting.

One experiment conducted by the University of Plymouth in zoo Peington in Devon, tried to answer the question posed by the present and the present monkeys typewriters.

As a result, six monkeys given a text that was more like a five pages of random letters, than the works of Shakespeare. Most often, the monkey used the letter «s», but by the end of four weeks, they discovered a few more letters, for example, «m», but it was still far from Shakespeare's plays.

Recently it was held another experiment: the programmer has created a virtual monkeys typing on virtual typewriters. In a relatively short time, the program reported that they actually printed an excerpt from Shakespeare's works.

The program analyzed the sequence of nine letters, and compare them with all the works of Shakespeare, linking together a little bit of text at a time. The researchers said it is not considered, and only proves that a monkey wrote to the full version of at least one composition, it will take longer than the universe exists.

The first hypothesis is that random events form is not quite the random system was proposed by Aristotle. The usefulness of a theory about the monkeys created Emile Borel, a French mathematician, tried to explain, that does not mean that things will happen, simply because they may occur.

So how much time it would take the monkey typed the complete works of Shakespeare? According to one estimate, in one print monkey it will take the number of years equal to one with six million zeros.



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