Monkey city

Lopburi is a small town in Thailand. There are a lot of attractions — ruins, museums, Palace of the king. But this is not what attracts tourists. Most importantly, why go to the city is the monkey. According to legend, once long ago, the monkey king Hanuman and the Hindu God Rama side by side fought the enemy, winning over them to many victories.

Hanuman was a loyal ally and friend of Rama. With his fearless army of monkeys he helped him to release his wife from the hands of the evil demon. In gratitude to the God Rama gave the monkey king the land on which now lies the town of Lopburi. And monkeys have since become revered animals. The city is home to more than 2,000 macaques that roam freely through the streets of the city.

Laburista monkeys feel full citizens of the city. They are not afraid of people, not shy away from the machines, swinging on electrical wires as the vines were taken from passers-by Goodies, ruining the dumpster. Monkeys need to be careful and hide your valuables away. They unceremoniously jump on people and take away all that is bad. Guidebooks warn tourists that the monkeys steal cameras and movie cameras. The monkeys in the pack strict hierarchy. Despite some inconvenience of living together of humans and apes, and those others, still, can not imagine life without each other. Monkeys are fed and revered because they are the subjects of the king Hanuman. And macaques, in turn, provide a constant stream of tourists to the city, which promotes the welfare of its inhabitants.

Built in the XI century laburisti temple Prang Sam Yod (first Hindu, then Buddhist) itself is very exotic, but the impression is enhanced by its present inhabitants — monkeys. Monkeys amid the ruins of the temple look quite harmoniously. You can spend hours to watch monkeys frolic, fight, combed each other's insects.

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