10 interesting facts about Shakespeare

1. It is still unknown exactly when Shakespeare was born. The official date adopted on 23 of April. It is noteworthy that the genius died on the same day. April 26 he was baptized by the name of Will SHaksper. He was the son of simple uneducated traders gloves. His adult life was starting as an apprentice butcher, and then, after leaving his native Stratford,
He excelled in commerce and became a shareholder in the theater. In short, was the man in the street, did not look like a genius of world literature, has left a rich legacy.

2. Classic has a truly encyclopedic knowledge of his time, he perfectly knew not only English history, but the most important processes in the European countries that had knowledge in ancient philosophy, law, judge of navigation, the intricacies of international diplomacy, medicine, several foreign languages, including Latin, Greek, French, Italian, Spanish. Playwright well versed in politics, music and botany (the researchers counted 63 names of plants in his works), had the skills of naval affairs, was an expert in entertainment nobles of the time, such as falconry and bear baiting. Perhaps he traveled, but no source has confirmed that Stratford SHaksper ever went further in London.

3. Historians claim that Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway before his beloved 18 years old. They had three children together - two daughters and a son, who died at 11 years of age. On the tombstone is carved Ann that she died at the age of 67 in 1623, that is, she was older than the wife for eight years. But, assuming the similarity of the mark and the numbers 1, 7, Anne Hathaway died at the age of 61, it is still it was over, William ... 2 years. About predisposition to older women show some of Shakespeare's sonnets, addressed to a married lady. Rhode Shakespeare interrupted in the XVII century. His only granddaughter was childless.

4. In spite of Shakespeare's marriage and having children, scholars of different views put forward about his sexual orientation, expressing assumptions about his attraction to men, citing some of his plays, as well as the fact that Shakespeare lived a long time in London, while the wife and children were in Stratford. The best friend of the playwright capital was Henry Risley, the third Earl of Southampton, who had a habit of wearing women's clothes and enjoy everyday makeup.

5. Secret and religion is William. Some researchers believe that he and his family were Catholics, but in Shakespeare's time the religion was banned.

6. William Shakespeare left to posterity 38 plays, four poems, 154 sonnets, 3 epitaph. All his works have been translated into many languages, and had a significant influence on the development of world literature. A language contributed to the formation of modern English, enriching it with juicy phraseology.

7. In the field of theater Shakespeare worked initially as caretaker, then an actor, theatrical producer, earned a fortune on their activities, later becoming a usurer, landlord and brewer.

8. It is noteworthy that the will of Shakespeare, carefully listing all household items, up to spoons and forks, does not contain any information to whom he gives his literary legacy. In addition, the document without saving any manuscript belonging to the author.

Contemporary graphologists, having studied under the caption "last will", concluded that he was not used to holding a pen in his hand. Other researchers argue that the trembling handwriting indicates a disease of Shakespeare.

9. All these facts have generated a number of hypotheses, which under the name of Shakespeare lies entirely different historical person. As the authors called Earl of Oxford Edward de Vere, stopped publishing in 1593-m, while Shakespeare declared itself in 1594-m. Alias ​​"Shakespeare" was chosen not by chance. On the coat of arms of the family de Verov depicts a knight with a spear in his hand, and the literal translation of the Shake-speares - «stunning spear».

Almost all of Shakespeare's plays - brilliant parody of court manners, so hiding behind a pseudonym, Count could do in the future. In addition, Edward de Vere could not publicly declare himself a playwright: in those days, writing for the people was not a person for aristocrats. He died in 1604, it is unknown where his grave, the researchers claim that its product family continues to publish under a pseudonym to 1616-th (just this year and died Shakespeare). In 1975, the Britannica has confirmed this hypothesis, saying: "Edward de Vere is the most likely candidate for the authorship of Shakespeare's plays».

Also, as the alleged author calls and philosopher Francis Bacon and poet Christopher Marlowe and even Queen Elizabeth herself I.

10. The monument, erected in Stratford in 1623-m, contains an inscription in Latin: "The judgments Pilossets, the genius of Socrates, the art of Maron. Land cover it, people are crying about it, Olympus has him ».



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