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The website offers you a selection made up in our favorite format: short and interesting facts, have the property to increase the erudition of the reader. < 1. skin Car interior Bugatti Veyrons excrete from the skin of cows, specially grown in the mountains of Austria, since it is there are ideal conditions for that - no barbed wire and mosquitoes. As a result, the skin is almost flawless.

2. In the German town of Fuggerei rent for housing has not changed since 1520. Total of 88 cents you can live there for a year.

3. Three years after the sinking of the Titanic sinking ship called Eastland. The tragedy occurred because of the fact that the new law required the presence of a larger number of lifeboats on board. As a result, Eastland appeared overwhelmed, went to the bottom and 800 passengers were killed.

4. Walking speed of a person depends on the satellite: man slows down 7% next to a woman that he is interested in; coming together women adapt to the pace of the slowest; a man in the company of male friends tends to go a little faster than others.

5. Pedro Lopez, nicknamed "Monster of the Andes" killed more than 300 young girls in South America and is considered the most bloody maniac XX century. In 1998, he was released from prison, and his current whereabouts nobody knows.

6. In 1951, a researcher discovered something truly amazing: African American cell named Henrietta Lacks died of cancer in 1951, may stay alive indefinitely, and even multiply. Currently it is grown 20 tons of its "immortal" cells.

7. Sitting by the fire cause much more harm to health than smoking cigarettes. Research indicates that the smoke from the burning of wood 30 times more carcinogens than tobacco smoke.

< 8. In 1976, in one of the California theme parks it was found the mummified body of a certain Elmer Makkurdi. This man was shot dead in 1911, his body covered with a layer of wax and used as a dummy "hanged." At some point, the "dummy" fallen off the hand and on-site demolition, to everyone's horror, seemed human tissue and bones.

9. Light Pole Star, which we see now was emitted in 1962.

10. Serial killers are like bees. They commit crimes close to home, but far enough away to neighbors suspected nothing. Bees also collect nectar around their hives, but not so close that predators could find them. Experts studied the behavior of bees and found the algorithms that are now using the police to catch the killers.

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