As I drew a picture for the contest.

The theme of the contest was "the prototype of the car of the future." Protopip car should not have to remind modern cars. If it is flying, is not more than 2 meters above the ground. A race in which he participated were of survival.
I started with a sketch on paper, and outlined it in Photoshop. Itching, as much strength to endure was not and I entered the gun straight at once =)

The notion final form continued.

I bahnul background for color. Incidentally immediately drew in color rather than black / white then to paint. I think it was my 2nd mistake, because this method is more complicated. A first mistake that I made too little sketches and this increased development time, so they had to think out on the go.

Quietly began to turn out the details.

And so it seemed to me already cool, it seems to me that things are moving towards the end. That vherachil zaklёpochki, pipulki sorts and so on.

It was made 3d-blank, which served as a support.

And climbed schools. His eyes zamylennym I still noticed that the design oblique. With tips elder brother, who paints in milen times bigger, I began to correct the figure.

I changed the background. Now the car has become closer to the ground.
Small things did not give me rest, I did carefully drawn, considering the phase of the almost final.

The newly corrected constructive + work in detail. At this stage, I already was written by its steepness! I think that now fly.

And then there's Motion blur and finally eyes popped climbed from this fantasy. Dvizhuha!

Again drawing + painted. Conceived at me Russian, so to speak, that the colors of our flag and went to the basis.

And the final. Lance rolled fleir added zemelku to the fore, so that the composition does not suffer emptiness. Bloom on reflection refleksiki one word post-processing.

The work I have taken 40 hours of net time. In the competition, by the way, I won.




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