12 interesting facts, which we did not know about cars

The car, as they say, is not a luxury for a long time, and everyday thing. However, in the automotive theme, you can find a lot of interesting things! The website offers you a selection of short tidbits that will appeal not only to motorists. < 1. Residents of the Canadian city of Churchill, never close the doors of their cars to random passers-by could, if necessary, to hide from the bear.

2. All Porsche cars ignition is always Left

3. Since then, as in 2006, Indy car racing series shifted to motors Honda, has not been fixed any case of engine failure.

4. If you press the remote control car more than 256 times in a row (with the cars must be out of range of the devaysa), control may lose sync with the car and stop working .

5. Rolls Royce - the most durable cars. Nearly ¾ of the cars that were produced Rolls Royce in the history of the company, actively used until now.

6. A taxi driver in Greece has the highest mileage on the car Mercedes - car has almost 5 million kilometers
7. Bridget Driscoll of Britain became the first victim of a car accident. Her hit by a car, which was moving at a speed of 6, 5 km / h.

8. In many European countries it is impossible to turn off the headlights even during the day.

9. To instant to cool its red-hot sun hot car, you need to lower the window on one side and opening and closing the door on the other hand a few times.

10. In Norway, there are very strict rules on advertising, "environmentally friendly" vehicles. The official position of the country lies in the fact that "green" cars do not do anything good for the environment. They just do less harm environment than other cars.

11. Honda Prelude was the first mass car, which had a mechanical drive system on all 4 wheels. During the first year of release in the drift Honda surpassed even Porsche and Ferrari.

12. Cars Lincoln Town - the latest luxury cars in the United States, which uses the design team and not-molded frame. That's what makes it easy to extend the base vehicle.

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