From the point of view of genetics, cousins ​​marry is not as dangerous as commonly believed

The risk of birth defects is increased by only 2% 57,127,113

There are many things that can cause birth defects in the child (such as the age of the mother and her habit), but when it comes to the risk of breeding cousins, all come to mind horrible incurable deviation problems and genetic diseases, which must necessarily hit the offspring of such a pair. However, scientific data on the incestuous unions show an interesting picture.

It turns out that children whose parents are relatives, the risk of birth defects or death up only 2% - it's like as if the mother was more than 40 years. "I think from the point of view of science ban intermarriage unjust - says one of the researchers question - No do not come to mind to prohibit marriage between people when one of them struck by Huntington's disease, despite the fact that the risk to transfer it to the child is 50 % ».

Nowadays, very few people are willing to openly admit that they have a relationship with a cousin. Most Western countries condemn such relationships as incestuous and weird, so people try to keep them secret. But despite the taboo, marriages between cousins ​​and sisters are quite common around the world, and in the eastern countries, they are the norm.



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