We do not accepted ...

Norway has not accepted to give way to the elderly in transport. It is believed that this you emphasize their physical superiority.

In the United States decided not to pay for a woman in a restaurant. It is believed that these men emphasize their financial supremacy.

China has taken slurp away, otherwise the owners may find it tasteless concoctions. There silently in China - offend the owners and chefs. A slap sauces tablecloth after a meal - a confirmation that you ate with appetite and you were tasty.

In China, not a custom to bring flowers hostess. It is believed that these guests emphasize this house is so ugly that they bring with them jewelry.

In Finland, is not accepted to make public compliments. It is believed that the public compliments are not considered.

Norway has not yet decided to make a lot of compliments in person, praise (except for their loved ones) - it is considered flattery, such a person loses a lot in the community. The school decided not to praise the student in the presence of all the others, to declare assessment - put it above all others. Not taken an interest than sick, well if you feel - when you go out to work after sick. In Russia, it is considered to show sympathy and attention. Here - indecent, it is too intimate things.

In Greece, it is not recommended to praise away some vase or a painting, or the owner will have to give it to you.

The sign "thumb up" in some countries means "That's how I'll cool heated».

In the US, in addition to the payment of the invoice is not received even a lot of things: the woman opened the door to help bring something - it is believed that this man shows his superiority; and make compliments about appearance, etc. - May be interpreted as lo * sualnoe harassment.

Some believed that it is impossible to wash dishes in a strange house - happiness smoesh. Here is a walk together, helping owners get out - vacuuming, please, and utensils, no, no.

If there is a party in South Korea and at the same time try to hold back the tears and snot current (food very, very spicy) - it is possible to pass an extremely rude man who despises hospitality. best compliment the chef (owner) is considered to be crying and snot.

In Korea, if a girl is often said right from the morning, you do not look that you have circles under the eyes, and that all you have in the order of the kidneys. Sometimes it is said that he was tired look.
This is all due to the fact that it is a form of compliment: she desired to look frail and sick, to cause the male desire to protect her, to warm and cure).


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