Some peculiarities of the peoples of the world

Norway has not accepted to give way to the elderly in transport. It is believed that this you emphasize their physical superiority.

In the United States decided not to pay for a woman in a restaurant. It is believed that these men emphasize their financial supremacy.

There, in China, is not accepted to bring flowers hostess. It is believed that these guests emphasize this house is so ugly that they bring with them jewelry.

In Finland, is not accepted to make public compliments. It is believed that the public compliments are not considered.

Norway has not yet decided to make a lot of compliments in person, praise (except for their loved ones) - it is considered flattery, such a person loses a lot in the community. The school decided not to praise the student in the presence of all the others, to declare assessment - put it above all others. Not taken an interest than sick, well if you feel - when you go out to work after sick. In Russia, it is considered to show sympathy and attention. Here - indecent, it is too intimate things.

In Greece, it is not recommended to praise away some vase or a painting, or the owner will have to give it to you. Particularly cunning can take note

The sign "thumb up" in some countries means "That's how I'll cool heated!»

In the US, in addition to the payment of the invoice is not received even a lot of things: the woman opened the door to help bring something - it is believed that this man shows his superiority; and make compliments about appearance, etc. - May be interpreted as lo * sualnoe harassment.

Some believed that it is impossible to wash dishes in a strange house - happiness smoesh. Here is a walk together, helping owners get out - vacuuming, please, and utensils, no, no.

If there is a party in Korea and at the same time try to hold back the tears and snot current (food very, very spicy) - it is possible to pass an extremely rude man who despises hospitality. best compliment the chef (owner) is considered to be crying and snot.

And in Korea, made a loud slurp while eating, showing that you are very satisfied with the meal, or owners may find it tasteless concoctions. There silently - to offend the owners and chefs. A slap sauces tablecloth after a meal - a confirmation that you ate with appetite and you were tasty.

And again about Korea. Tell her that she looks bad in the morning - in the order of things. Is a form of compliment: she desired to look frail and sick, to cause the male desire to protect her, to warm and heal.

Well, the last Korean interesting feature - a dislike to the number "4". It is a symbol of death. So do not be surprised if you see in the elevator marked "1..2..3..5..6..7 ....". Home and try not to be numbered Quartet.

Not taken to contain burps in Mughal and Buryatia - say, without burping Guest hungry, have yet to feed.

In Japan and Norway are not accepted to give an odd number of flowers. It is believed that the unpaired flower lonely. Odd numbers are on the grave, the funeral. Ie, for us it is exactly the opposite.

In Japan, do not blow your nose in public. Very bad.

In India, in the family circle do not say "thank you." It is believed that family members do not have to thank each other.

In India, do not they say "thank you" (at least, not in local languages). If you are presented with something, you can say, "What a good thing", "How I have long dreamed about it," etc. We can say «Thank you», but it means that you translate communication on a purely formal level - how would a stranger.

In Central Asia, the visitor into a bowl pour the tea little by little. It is believed that if poured full, the drink and go. And, adding to 1/3, can be a long talk. This is called "respect" and "no respect". In the first case, the owner watchful eye on the guest and constantly pours him a fresh gulls.

The Chinese believe that it is impossible to give fresh flowers. It is a symbol of death - "They're going to die soon." But artificial - a lovely soul. "They are eternal».

Sitting cross-legged, showing the foot at him in many south-east of the country - a terrible insult to the interlocutor.
Pat on the head - too.

The Arabs are not taken to transfer the mouthpiece of a hookah from hand to hand, this compulsion type. Put on the table. We have the opposite.

In Japan is not accepted to leave work before the Chief.

Russia has not accepted praise children. Afraid of the evil eye. Historically, even the names given such that the name did not define human - type Nenashev. Russia also not taken in response to the question "How are you" meet "all great." For the same reason.

In Georgia, taken to the guest a glass was always full, even if one does not want to drink. Therefore, if a polite guest every time drinks refreshments to the bottom, and the owner will have to continue to refill his wine.


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