10 answers to strange questions that I ever asked each

All we remain howcast even in adulthood, everybody has funny questions left unanswered, but we got the answers to them and share with vamiSuschestvuyut questions that lie somewhere in the back of our minds all my life, but we do not have them response. You may be wondering why something is built this way, why this thing is in this place or how your body is doing something. Nevertheless, you can not find answers to these questions, even though you know that they need to be.

Here you will find 10 questions that people are asking every day, and you finally get a simple answer.

1. Why does the aircraft is forbidden to smoke? 19,722,440

Smoking is prohibited in aircraft almost all airlines of the world. Apart from the fact that cigarette smoke is unpleasant to other passengers, smoking can also cause a fire, that's probably what happened on flight Varig Flight 820.

Despite the fact that smoking is not allowed, it is difficult not to notice that the aircraft toilets have ashtrays. And not only in the older models, even a completely new aircraft are equipped with them.

The answer is that the presence of ashtrays in airplanes - a formal request to the Federal Aviation Administration airline. Even despite the fact that smoking is prohibited, and the plane set fire alarm system in the FAA are aware that some people will still be smoking. Giving people a place where they can safely get rid of cigarette butts, it was considered very important for safety reasons.

2. Why do the books have blank pages? 49,607,153

Many books are often published with a one-two blank pages, sometimes even more. The books issued in Europe or America, on these pages you can find the message "This page intentionally left blank» («This page has been intentionally left blank»).

These blank pages - is not the result of deliberate waste paper publishers, but rather a normal consequence of the printing process. Pages of books are usually printed on very large sheets of paper, not on the individual cut sheets. Machines folded and cut paper pages, but the product may not entirely share exactly eight, so after printing may be left blank pages.

Sometimes these pages are left for notes, what is the corresponding label, or another message to the readers did not think it was a mistake press.

3. Why do people sneeze when they look at a bright light? 11,265,625

About a third of all people sneeze uncontrollably when they go to brightly lit space, for example, if you go into the streets of the dark building. This phenomenon, which baffled scientists for thousands of years.

Sneezing - is a response. It can be caused by a variety of reasons, but most often occurs due to irritation of the nose. However, in the case of so-called light ptarmic sneeze reflex occurs when you look directly at the light source. Scientists offer a variety of theories to explain why this is so, although none of them was not accepted everywhere.

Now, most scientists believe that light ptarmic reflex may be the result of a crossing of nerves in the brain. The optic nerve, perceiving the light is located next to the trigeminal nerve, controlling sneezing. When the optic nerve sends electrical impulses to the brain, the signal touches the trigeminal nerve, causing the brain to believe that the nose was irritated, and an urgent need to sneeze.

4. Why does hair turn gray? 25,395,283

With age, it happens to everyone. Since about 30 years (although it may start earlier), people begin to notice that their hair gradually lose their natural color, instead becoming the first gray and then white. Despite the widespread of this phenomenon and its scientific explanation is not so widely known.

Hair get their natural color thanks to the pigment cells called melanocytes under. Melanocytes produce chemicals that transmit black, dark brown, red and yellow melanin cells, creating the main ingredient of hair - keratin. As people age, melanocytes are destroyed, because of which the keratin pigment gets smaller - because of hairs become gray. Eventually, the cells cease to function at all, and no longer receive hair pigment at all, becomes completely white.

5. Why did the entrance to the store you blown air? 31,555,470

Quite often at the entrance to the store or mall shoppers meets a stream of air. The reason is not that the owners want to cool you. It occurs in various types of buildings, including restaurants, factories and loading bays. There are several applications, but the main thing - to maintain a temperature in the building to prevent infiltration and air outlet. A stream of air is used to maintain the store of warm air in winter and cool in summer. This is especially useful if you have to keep the door open all the time. It is also a great help against the entry of insects and debris from entering the building because of air turbulence, which they can not overcome.

6. What causes butterflies in your stomach? 84,394,944

Every person reading this, at some point in their lives feel a feeling known as "butterflies in the stomach." A sense of awe in the intestine can occur for various reasons, from fear and worries about the upcoming event, prior to the institution before the first date. Different emotions can trigger feelings and physical changes in your stomach due to the so-called enteric-brain axis. The brain interprets the feelings such as fear and excitement, as stress and responds to it. It produces extra adrenalin in the body to help us cope with the threat or run away from it, increasing blood flow to the heart, lungs and muscles. Because the amount of blood in the human body is limited, its outflow from other organs such as the intestine, leading to the familiar feeling of nausea.

7. Why rubbing alcohol stings? 17,171,031

People used rubbing alcohol to wash wounds and cuts for a long time. If you've ever used it, you know that it burns in contact with the wound, sometimes even stronger than the pain itself cut. This does not happen because alcohol kills bacteria, and due to the response that it induces in the body.

When rubbing alcohol gets a cut, it acts directly on the VR1 receptors in the skin. These receptors are responsible for the perception of heat. While they are activated at high temperatures, the alcohol reduces their threshold to a level at which the body temperature is sufficient to activate them. Receptors "think" that the body burn, and they transmit the pain signal to the brain, even though the skin is not damaged.

8. Why does orange juice taste disgusting after brushing? 97,674,151

Eating or drinking immediately after brushing your teeth - not such a pleasant experience. Toothpaste can make any taste worse. However, when you're brushing your teeth immediately after gulp drink a glass of orange juice, you may encounter one of the most disgusting taste in your life.

It appears unattractive taste of the foaming agent is used in most toothpastes. Sodium lauryl sulfate reduces the taste buds responsible for sweet. This means that the orange juice and everything else that you eat or drink immediately after brushing, will not be sweet.

Furthermore, sodium lauryl sulfate destroys phospholipids which normally prevent bitterness be too strong. Therefore, the toothpaste not only mutes the sweetness of orange juice, but also enhances its bitterness. Both of these effects create a disgusting taste.

9. Why is the sky blue? 83,391,945

Except for cloudy days, as well as sunrise and sunset, the sky is usually blue. This occurs because, as some things manipulate light. Just as light passing through a prism creates a rainbow, and the mirror can reflect light from whence he came, many things can scatter light. White light from the sun hits the oxygen and nitrogen molecules that make up most of the Earth's atmosphere, and is scattered, creating color. However, since the wavelength of the blue shorter than the rest, it dissipates more.

This effect also explains how the sky come from other colors. Closer to the horizon, the sky becomes a much paler because the light passes through more air and dissipates more rapidly mixing with other colors and losing its blue color. When the sun goes down, as in the sunset, the light has to pass through an even greater amount of air. He scatters blue, allowing to penetrate the red and the yellow.

10. Why is it so difficult to remember dreams? 16,872,485

Each of us at least once in your life waking up after a delightful sleep and struggled to remember it, just a moment later. You may infuriate it, but even with the use of different methods of self-help, dreams usually stored only for a few minutes.

Scientists have suggested several reasons why dreams are so difficult to reproduce in memory. The conditions in which is the brain during REM sleep, when most dreams, do not allow to move them into long-term memory. It also plays the role of the lack of the hormone norepinephrine: this hormone plays an important role in memory and not during sleep.

Another factor that contributes to poor memorizing dreams, is that during REM sleep hippocampal neurons can not work as well as they do in other cases. This in turn causes a misfire in the other neurons that help write the memory, so the dreams disappear so quickly.

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