Sharks can feel embarrassed

Research scientists from the UK shows that sharks are not always aggressive and bezzhalostny

Sharks have a terrible reputation for ruthless and aggressive hunters. But some of these "sea tiger" may also be loners and prefer to remain in the shadows, a new study confirms that the "shark personalities».

According to scientists from the UK, they were able to prove that the notorious predators possess personal qualities that define their behavior in groups. A team of researchers from the University of Exeter tested social personality small cat sharks by recording their interaction in captivity in three different habitats. Sharks this species found throughout the Northeast Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and form mixed gender-based social groups, the composition of which is due to the proximity of individual animals. For groups of ten sharks were observed in huge tanks, each of which had three inhabited zones, which differ in structure.

"We found that despite the fact that the size of the groups varied, well-connected with each other socially individuals do not lose this connection even in the new environment," - said Dr. David Jacoby, a behavioral ecologist at the Zoological Society of London.

"These results are due to the different social preferences, which appeared to work out a strategy for staying in a safe environment».

Research has shown that sharks with good social connections formed stable groups, while the less outgoing individuals usually masked at the bottom trying to merge with the gravel at the bottom of the tank. A study conducted in the UK can be considered a continuation of a similar study, which was carried out last year, biologists from the Bahamas. They, too, in his research came to the conclusion that some sharks can be very aggressive, while others always remain "soft". However, the biologist Jean Sebastian Finger said that while we should not rush to distribute the behavior of individual animals for the entire species. In his study of young lemon sharks, he found that some sharks are constantly looking for new experiences, while others were less sociable, and play began only during the investigation of the new habitat. Scientists are very interested in the comparative study, personalities animals of different species, it will allow a better assessment of their quality development. A mixture of different personalities in the group can potentially have huge implications for the survival of individual species.



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