Hunting white sharks

Call it luck or simply the ability to be at the right time in the right place, but the pictures of white sharks that have made photography MakLinnan Chris (Chris McLennan) truly amazing photos. Seal Island and Seal Island in South Africa, the locals called the "Ring of Death". Here in search of prey swim giant white shark.

They prey on young sea lions and seals. Going into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean to fish, very often they become food for predators white. Sharks have learned to attack from below, with incredible speed jumping out of the water, they grab their prey.

In order to make these pictures Chris had to study the behavior of sharks. MakLinnan says that adhere strictly to predators. Sharks are most active for an hour after sunrise and late at night. The only way to get a photo of live action - watch the seals in the water. When the seal population is back with Fish on the island, you need to focus on one lags behind the pack. That he often becomes the target of white predator. Then just have to wait. Shark attack very quickly and without warning. Happens all in one moment, less than a second.

The South African coast recognized as the most dangerous place for tourism. With the onset of heat white sharks are the most aggressive, have been repeatedly documented cases of unprovoked attacks on people within the shoreline. White Shark - one of the wonders of nature. Although this species is on the verge of extinction, today in the world there are only about 3500 individuals, we hope that these incredible creatures survive for future generations.


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