Australian shark warning about his approach to the shore via Twitter

Biologists are fitted with large sharks that live off the coast of Australia, electronic labels that warn tourists about the dangers. Once the shark with "beacon" swims to shore closer than a kilometer marker detects installed on the coast of the detector. Message with the coordinates of sharks, as well as information about its breed and size is published on Twitter. This way of prevention is much faster and more accurately any other - usually on the approximation of the shark becomes known, if it happened to notice from any vessel or on shore. At the beginning of this year помечено 338 sharks.

In Australia, from shark attacks over the past two years has already killed six people - the highest rate in the world. But the mass extermination of sharks is unacceptable from an ethical and environmental points of view. Sharks, informing about his approach through public tweets - elegant and humane solution, scientists believe. Naturally, this is not a panacea - not all labeled living near the coast of Australia predators besides sharks migrate to the ocean, sometimes overcoming great distances. Nevertheless, such a rapid alert system can significantly reduce the number of attacks, if people take responsibility for their security.

The battery life of electronic tags - up to 10 years. Information about the movements of sharks, besides preventing holidaymakers has great scientific value - biologists have the opportunity to observe the animals from a distance in real time, to better understand their habits, habitat and migration routes.



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