Archaeologists found the cave, which would be signed Vlad Dracula

Dungeon is in Turkey, where the young Vlad was placed because of their political claims ottsa

Archaeologists conducting restoration works in the Castle of Tokat in northern Turkey, claim that they have found the cave where the Wallachian prince Vlad III - a prototype of the most famous vampire in the world of literature, Count Dracula - was in captivity at the beginning of XV-th century.

"The castle is completely surrounded by a secret tunnel. He is very mysterious, "- said archaeologist Ibrahim Cetin Turkish newspaper« Hurriyet Daily News ». Restoration team found two caves under the castle. "It's hard to say what exactly the room kept Dracula, but he was here" - adds Cetin.

If additional evidence will confirm this statement, it will be a significant find. Captivity has become an important event in the life of a young prince who later grew up to Vlad Tepes.

In 1443, the year his father Prince, who was ousted in Hungary, appealed to Turks to help regain his throne. In order to ensure his loyalty, the Sultan took his two younger sons, Vlad III and Radu as hostages. While Tokat, located on the trade route to the East, was considered one of the most civilized cities in the region. The castle is located on the market square.

Several historical accounts show that the boys were well treated and even taught. But it is also said that Vlad III was stubborn and regularly subjected to violent punishments such as flogging. And it is in this period, the first time the prince saw the prisoners as a punishment put on a stake.

Years later, after he had received the throne, Vlad III, is said to have retreated in the battle with the Turks, piercing and left on public display 20 000 bodies outside the town of Targoviste, Romania. When he saw the corpses of Turks turned back to Constantinople. Vlad III died in battle in 1476, the year.



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