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August 22 centuries ago, more precisely in 1456 the Prince of Wallachia became Vlad Dracula, best known around the world for numerous legends about vampires. Vlad Dracula "famous" its excessive violence and massacre, for which he earned the nickname "Tepes" which means "Impaler". His first nickname - Dracula - Vlad was in honor of his father and it meant "son of the dragon." Dracula's brutal rule had such a great influence on his contemporaries, with the result that his image went into the folk tradition of Romanians and other nations.

In the late 19th century, Bram Stoker gathered all the legend of Dracula, but especially he was struck by one - that Vlad Tepes after his death turned into a vampire. This legend was based on some historical and legendary facts that the killer Impaler many times cursed dying. Dracula also changed his faith and beliefs to the Carpathian people, it's enough to turn into a vampire posthumously. Another legend says that after the death of Vlad Tepes his body is not found in the grave ... But - it literally or not is impossible to say, but that Dracula was a real historical figure, known for his cruelty known exactly. In this regard, we remember best and creepy film about the famous Vampire.

1. Nosferatu. Symphony of Horror (Germany, 1922).

Generally it is at least very early, but only the third film of Dracula. Just the first two did not survive to the present day. It's famous silent film German film director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau was filmed in 1921 and released in theaters in 1922. While German producer Albin Grau so impressed the story of Dracula, he asked the widow of Bram Stoker to allow him to film the famous novel by her husband in Germany. But the widow turned him down, and as directed by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau was already captured by the idea of ​​the film, he still pulled it off by changing the names of the characters and the scene. Although after this film was released, Florence Stoker still a court has made the destruction of all copies of the film. Which led to the bankruptcy of the company Prana Film, and "Nosferatu" and remained the first and last of the company. And just because the film also went instantly around the world, we heard single copies of the film of the film.

The role of Count Orloc then played Max Schreck, creating perhaps the most famous screen image of vampires, who glorified actor on the world. The director felt that in real life Max Schreck already ugly that can do without makeup: you only have to attach him fangs and pointed ears, and to enhance the effect of "deadness" of his hero, Max Schreck never blinked in the frame. And in the end so accustomed to the role that some quite seriously thought that the film was shot in Murnau a real vampire.

2. Nosferatu - the specter of the night (Germany, France, 1979).

This is a remake of the picture 1922, which proved to be no worse, despite all the mysticism of the original. 1978 film won two awards - the Berlin International Film Festival and the Festival of German films, and three nominations, including "Best Director" and "Best Foreign Film". Here the role of Dracula, or Nosferatu played Klaus Kinski. And Isabelle Adjani was amazingly beautiful as Lucy Harker. Took a picture, too, German director Werner Herzog.

Only Herzog, unlike Marnans, was closer to the original Bram Stoker. Although there are also many features, it returns it to the film in 1922. For example, a great game Klaus Kinski, his makeup and gestures that fully comply with Nosferatu Max Schreck. And compare the game of the two is not necessary, and he and the other completely reincarnated in their creepy characters.

3. Dracula (USA, UK, 1979).

Slogan: At all times he filled the hearts of men with horror, and the hearts of women - desire.

This picture of Count Dracula most critics, and audiences find the best kinovoploscheniem famous vampire. Not surprisingly, the film won the "Saturn" in the nomination "The best horror film." Starring Frank Langella - Dracula and aged Laurence Olivier - Abraham Van Helsing. But unlike Stoker and other films, here Mina - Harker bride - is the daughter of Van Helsing, and she, and not her friend Lucy, becomes the first victim of a vampire. Also, the duration of the transferred in the 20s of the 20th century. And, by the way, Frank Langella, strongly insisted that his character did not appear in the film with fangs and a "wolf" eyes.

4. Dracula (USA, 1992).

Slogan: Beware!

About this film directed by Francis Ford Coppola many opinions and all contradictory. His or strongly criticized or called a genius in the transfer of the image of Dracula. Starring the incomparable Gary Oldman, which issues the least. His only game everyone thinks brilliant. But here Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves, as they say, "under suspicion" in insolvency. Interestingly, the Coppola and Oldman after admitting that creating an image of Count Dracula, they were inspired by the way of Ivan the Terrible, Nikolai Cherkasov created in the classic film by Sergei Eisenstein's "Ivan the Terrible».

But in general was very beautiful, sensual and, one might say, scary film about love. Still love story here came to the fore. And the director, no doubt, very cool conveyed the atmosphere of those times, not without reason, this tape was the winner of the "Oscar" in the "Best Costume Design", "Best Sound Effects" and "the best make-up." In addition, the "Dracula" in 1992 received five awards at once "Saturn", which is considered a great kinodostizheniem. Yes, and we can not say he is also nominated for MTV Movie Awards for Best Kiss between Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder. He really, was very romantic and impressive.

5. Dracula 2000 (USA, 2000).

Slogan: The most seductive evil of all time has now been released in this.

Great movie, which made a successful attempt to retell the story of Dracula in the style of modern youth horror. It starred the young stars such as Christopher Plummer, Johnny Lee Miller and, most likely, the youngest actor in the role of Dracula in the film for the big screen. This painting is a unique story of the origin of Dracula, which is different from other vampire movies. Also, the film has two sequels, "Dracula 2: Ascension" and "Dracula 3: Legacy." And most of the Vampire, by the way, plays an incomparable and the then little-known - Gerard Butler, who could be called the most attractive Dracula in film history.

The film is set in contemporary London. Once a group of thieves enters the antiques shop in Karfaksskom Abbey. But instead of treasure, they find it tightly locked coffin. When you try to move the coffin activated traps, brutally killing two robbers. The rest of the thieves also felt that if the coffin so terribly protected, then it contains something incredibly valuable. But later it turns out that in the coffin lies the body of anyone else, but Count Dracula himself. And during the transportation of the coffin in the United States by plane, it finally manages to open and thereby release the famous vampire ...


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