Ravshan Kurkova photo shoots

August 22 marks birthday party is one of the most popular, and, if I may say so, the trend actresses of contemporary Russian cinema - Ravshan Kurkova. Nature gave a native of Tashkent bright, catchy appearance, the main asset of which is the ability to Ravshana look into their past 33 as a young girl. With this Kurkova looks very harmonious on the screen next to the younger partners frame (remember only the recent film "What's going on man!", Where the on-screen lover Ravshan became 28-year-old Konstantin Kryukov, the artistic value of the film can argue long, but the game Kurkova liked it, even those who booed the film). Well, if a "thoroughbred" appearance and talent adds the perfect sense of style, the owner of such advantages undoubtedly achieve recognition. Secular outputs Ravshana marked fashion critics as adjusted balance of classic and trend - the actress never allows himself to wear something that is important, but it does not fit into her style. Well Kurkova photo shoot for magazines are highly artistic, they really want to admire - in fact the model of it is good. See for yourself, appreciating 7 most stylish photo shoots Ravshan Kurkova

Ravshana - the most beautiful woman of the tribe. Photo shoot for the March issue of InStyle, on the other side of the lens - Photographer Erez Sabara

Car, you guessed it - a magazine about cars. And who better to be able to set off a chic car as not smart girl? Ravshana mini-photo shoot Michael Queen

Club feature - this would have been the heroine of Ravshan "Barvikha" a few years after graduation. Kurkova in a photo shoot for the Night Style

Very unusual idea was creatives magazine Afisha-Mir remove Ravshan Kurkova in the scenery of the market and the Tashkent area. It turned out bright and informative

Black and white photographs is always more elegant, more artistic. Photoset Ravshana project Anna & Styles

Photo shoot for the magazine OK! - Ravshana domestic and Jude Law - actor Dmitry Ulyanov. Inspired by the movie "Spring on Zarechnaya Street»

Not ready for any particular publication, set the Moscow photographer Lev Efimov


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