Woman of the Year Glamour

Today I invite you to escape from the western show business and pay attention to our domestic. Especially that the reason most that neither is good - the award ceremony "Woman of the Year GlamourĀ» in 2013, which recently took place in Moscow. Usually we are not really favor WE Russian red carpet, because their guests often show total lack of taste and style, but this time the situation was less critical - at the ceremony Glamour magazine was something to see.

Actress Anna Chipovskaya bestowed only to the ceremony as invited guests, but this did not stop to demonstrate good evening dress. At Ana was a black dress in the style of the 40s the brand Bohemique, who sat and watched the actress is very attractive. Maybe this is too "adult" for the image of the 26-year-old girl, but Anna managed to modernize the few and "rejuvenate" it with the shoes of a silvery metallic leather and, of course, red lipstick - accessory at all times.

Natalia ions or glucose, as we all remember it, an example for the ceremony a white trouser suit with a jacket over his naked body. Trouser ensembles always look very stylish and sexy on the background of the numerous dresses, but only on condition that the suit sits well. In our case it is, alas, not so - clearly requires fitting jacket and the massive gold necklace under your neck is not pleasing to the eye.

The next main star of the ceremony - "Woman of the Year" in 2013 Miroslava Duma. The socialite is famous for its impeccable taste and an output of Myra on the red carpet Glamour was no exception. This time the choice fell on Myroslava red lace jumpsuit Valentino, decorated with bright folk prints in blue and gold colors. The image has been added lipstick to match together and velvet cherry on an impressive heeled shoes - accessory without which Miroslav can not imagine their wardrobe.

Catherine Vilkova appeared at the ceremony in a black dress on the floor, which is very impressive contrast with its ultra-short hair. Laconic outfit, the only decorative element which was the finish on the shoulders, looked very elegant and had to face the actress. By the way, the other day it was announced that Kate is expecting their second child and due to pregnancy she had to give up the role in the series "death squads" for the sake of filming in which she and her long hair sostrigla.

Ravshan Kurkova recognized with his bofrendom Ilya Bachurin, the pair appeared at a ceremony in evening dress Bohemique. Actress wore a black dress made of satin and decorated with a dense bow at the waist and applique on the skirt. I always liked the images Ravshan (in my opinion, it is one of the few in our country who know how to dress), but this time I was alarmed, though a tiny one, but very unattractive part - body stockings with glitter. I understand that November in Moscow - this is not in November in Los Angeles, and just need to be warmed but bodily tights, which are inherently bad manners, should pick up more subtle.

Very pleased with his impeccable manner Maria Kravtsova. TV presenter opted for a bright red dress with a bold design of the back, Basques and the elements in the spirit of origami. The dress looked elegant and laconic black accessories matching inserts on the dress, its perfect complement.

"Actress of the Year" Svetlana Hodchenkova decided to use his experience in the form of foreign stars, and appeared at the ceremony wearing a dress with a transparent skirt. Dresses like look and style mixed successfully in 10% of cases, and the image of light in them, alas, is not included. The dress looks cheap and sloppy, and its only advantage - it is smoky gray, which is very becoming an actress.

Discreet and at the same time an interesting outfit chosen for the ceremony Anastasia Romantsova recognized designer of the year. Head of Brand A la Russe posed for photographers in a long ivory dress minimalist, supplemented by a multi-layer pearl necklace and a pair bracelets, on which kept the whole image.

Apparently, for these outputs Nick Belotserkovskaya and received its honorary title "Diva of the Year". She has appeared in public in the cylinder, a black skirt and a T-shirt with the word & quot; # & quot ;. yaibal Do not think anything bad, inscription & quot; # yaibal & quot; - It is not obscene expletive, but only the name of the book Anastasia Volochkova "I Ball". Complement together became plush frog in a tutu bag and Chanel - as a symbol of status and superiority. Here they are, divas.

"Leading the Year" Jan Churikov appeared at the ceremony in a spectacular ensemble of berry color, consisting of asymmetric stamp with the Basque Country and classic trousers with arrows. The dress looks great, especially when combined with gold accessories and jewelery with amethysts.

The dress Ester Abner appeared at the party Vic Dayneko. The dress is sitting very well-to-face singer and red accessories, the choice of which was, though predictable, but acquitted him perfectly complementary.

One of the best images of the ceremony showed us Oksana Akinshina in A La Russe Anastasia Romantsova. The actress opted for a classic silhouette dress made of textured fabric in ivory. Image of Oksana supplemented beige shoes and clutches, was born in a low-key colors and berry lipstick assumed the role of the necessary color accents.

Julia Bordovskikh appeared on the evening, accompanied by 14-year-old daughter of Maroussi, looked just gorgeous in the pantsuit saturated purple color, supplemented by discreet black accessories. Daughter presenter also be looked at my mother in a black dress with an unusual print and patent leather shoes models of "Chelsea". And you are no 'adult' heels.


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