Little murderer

Young torero Mikkelito Lagrave brilliantly acted on the Mexican bullfighting - a bullfight. Boy implement the provisions of complex shapes and killed six bulls. Because of the child's involvement in the bloody bullfights real scandal broke. "Green" and animal welfare advocates, parents and advocates for children's rights in this case stood to one side - they are outraged that the child allowed to speak at a bullfight, where there are cases of human losses, culminating in the submission is to kill the animal.

Witnesses said that the boy appeared no worse and experienced adult matadors, but he was given a smaller bulls. And yet, for bullfighting bulls must be at least 4 years, and their weight is usually between 450 kilograms. Danger to the health and life of the boy was obvious. Attempts to punish the negligent father who let his boy to participate in a bullfight, were unsuccessful: according to Mexican law, his act is nothing criminal or unlawful.


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