Topic Guinness Book of Records: the world's smallest

1. The smallest man in the world.

This Colombian lad of 24 years. His name is Eduardo Nino Hernandez. < His height is only 70 centimeters. Eduardo loves to dance, but his dream - to have your own car, it is desirable Mersedes.

2. The smallest baby in the world.

When she was born, the growth of the baby was 25 cm, and the weight was a little more than two hundred grams. She was half his twin sister. The doctors were not the most optimistic forecasts about Rumaysy Rahman (a name given the girl). But she survived and now she has an excellent health and a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

3. The smallest horse in the world.

This horse named Einstein. It seems that she was born only yesterday, but in fact it is the adult. At the age of three months, Einstein weighed 4.5 kilograms and his height did not exceed 35 santimetrov.

4. The smallest school in the world

In the Iranian village of Kalu has the smallest school in the world. This school has created an ex-soldier named Abdul Muhammad Sherani. He is the director of the school, teacher, librarian, janitor and combines all the other positions - he's the only person who works there. The school is only four people, and it is officially on the list of schools registered in YUNESKO.

5. The smallest park in the world.

The smallest park in the world is located in Oregon, USA - "Mill Ends Park". The length of this park does not exceed 60cm. Park created the journalist Dick Fagan in 1948. He wrote a weekly column about it and care for it in every way. When he died, the city was given the official status of the plot of land parka.

6. The smallest bodybuilder in the world.

His name is Romeo. His height of 84 cm, and is the youngest bodybuilder in the world. Romeo is very famous in the city Phagwara (Phagwara) in India. Its operating weight - 1.5 pound dumbbells, despite the fact that he weighs only 9 kg. Romeo is different from the majority of the dwarfs that dwarfs the head much more body, but the structure of Romeo perfectly in proportion. Thanks to daily training in the hall, he was able to develop and pump up your biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest kletku.

7. The smallest prison in the world.

Prison Sark is the smallest country in the world. It is at the Channel Islands National Park and was built in 1856. It is placed just two prisoners. It is still functioning. Usually, it accommodated the night brawlers and it is most commonly used as a topical vytrezvitelya.

8. The smallest house in the world.

Jay Shafer built himself his own house, and called it Tamblvid (Tumbleweed). The lodge is near San Francisco and its area is equal to 13 square meters. The house has a hall / bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and even a small biblioteka.

9. The smallest frog is poisonous in the world.

Ecuadorian frog does not exceed 1 cm in length and can fit on the tip of a pencil. However, her skin is 200 times more toxic than morfina.

10. The smallest pistol in the world.

Swiss mini-gun is the smallest gun in the real world, which is in the style of the famous Colt "Python".

SwissMiniGun model C1ST with a total length of 55 mm, a height of 35 mm and a width of 10 mm and has a weight of 19, 8 gramm


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